Salvia Trip

swept away day


Posted by Anonymous on 11/02/2008
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Method of Ingestion:smoked with a pop can pipe

I feel like a little kid on salvia in an imaginary world
i obtained some 20x salvia and smoked it in a pop can pipe i had made not the best way but it was all we had but it ended up working nicely at first i took a big hit and held it in about 15 seconds it usually need s to be 20-30 but i was en expierienced at this after about 10 seconds my right field of view was being swept up and sucked into the swirling of my left point of view i kept asking my freind what mind he was in over and over again

all in all i smoked a gram of salvia throughought the the day ill post other trip reports about those  ;D ;D


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