Salvia Trip

Swimming out of my mouth


Posted by Anonymous on 14/07/2010
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Method of Ingestion:bong

I was standing by my friends back door, as we couldnt smoke inside, and straight after the bong hits my legs collapsed, I can remember being worried about why I couldnt feel my legs, and then my hallucination began. I was swimming through a pink lake, with gold and pink striped walls around it, and I could hear a voice telling me to keep swimming that way, it was really high pitched. This probably happened as my friends picked me up and sat me down on the chair. In my vision i turned round a corner and could see a pibki smurf-like creature standing near the top of the ridiculously high walls, and she kept telling me to keep smwimming until i got to the tunnel. I got to the tunnel, but it felt like it belonged to me. I realised that the tunnel was a mouth, and thought that this small world must be in the back of my head. I realised i was something larger than whatever i thought i was, and then bacme conscious of my body, but I couldnt speak normally. I kept speaking in the high pitched voice of this person, and I could feel something in the back of my head, so I kept looking behind me.
It was terrifying while I was on it. I kept feeling like where I was wasn't real, it would change just like the hallucination did. Never doing it again, although funny afterwaqrds, at the time I got too paranoid about my insanity.


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