Salvia Trip



Posted by Anonymous on 23/01/2009
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Type/Strength:xtract / 20X
Method of Ingestion:ice bong / smoked

just another ordinary evening and looking forward to my scheduled therapuetic sage of salvia to a journey to the mind that is placed in this vessel called a head..

I wasn't expecting more than a usual cartoonish episode and a normal sweat and ramp up and a ramp down to baseline.. oops.. salvia brings what it wants to bring..

As the effects covered me up things began to sync up as usual.. music.. tv.. words.. thoughts.. things on my mind.. very nice and relaxing..

Visions of friends, work, even problems rolled before my inner monitor and I remember just being in-sync and laughing loudly.. and again more laughing..

As all came clear an exhale and a release occurred.. all is well..

But !!! A sync not expected covered all that had just preceeded and a sudden realizing that alignments were in control and not me..

ahhhhhhhhh.. deeper and deeper the sync proceeded with me as it's passenger in awe and where "it" wanted me to be.. lost and found in the same moment..

Again laughter and more laughter and then coming back to here..

Where all is what is meant to be..


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Posted by Synchronium on 01/25/2009
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With that title, I almost feel honoured...

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