Salvia Trip

Tasting the room


Posted by grimjim on 31/08/2010
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Type/Strength:10x Standardised Extract
Method of Ingestion:Small pipe+hurricane lighter

Furthering my adventures into the world of SD, I relaxed in my recliner, watching the TV, and took a decent pinch of some new 10x in my pipe, making sure to take a good draw, relax and get comfortable.

I am actually starting to enjoy the flavour of the smoke now, and wait for the strange feeling as the high starts to come on, and I can no longer hold my breath.

I wasn't really watching the TV, although I noticed that everything happening on it was very vivid. I then noticed I was in fact concentrating more on looking to the left of the TV, and very slowly panning my view to the left of my lounge, looking intently at the furniture, the rug on the floor, the laminate flooring, a candle holder, and most odd was that it felt as if I was able to sense and taste what each of the objects in the room TASTED of, almost as if I was in them, or part of them!!

Feeling definitely very remote from my body I stood up and tried to analyse the feelings some more. It felt like my mind was actually outside of and positioned slightly behind my head, as if I was looking forward from a point behind my head, and it also felt as if my mind was inside a spherical many pointed star shape, which was moving about, slowly rotating and spinning around my head. A pretty cool feeling.


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