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Posted by Nor Cal Lady on 26/09/2009
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Type/Strength:5x? Green from SalviaZone
Method of Ingestion:bong

This was my first time using salvia and II thought I was prepared for it. Not.

My husband was my sitter and we were in our silent bedroom in our underwear with a candle going. I took a strong hit (I am a regular MaryJane user so I can hit it easily) and held it for how ever long it took for me to realize I felt weak and handed over the bong to my DH and lay back on the bed to enjoy the trip.

I felt the pulling sensation and because of the views of our flesh color in my vision I thought a thousand fingers were pulling every inch of my body, even inside my mouth, down...down...down. I panicked. I couldn't relax and go with it. I fought the fingers and sat up. My DH said I turned to him and said "I don't like this", which I only vaguely remember. My 'self' fought it and all I could think was "I don't want this. Make it stop!" I was afraid I may never come back to being paralyzed from car or skiing accident I would never have 'control' over my body again. Shit! I bought this over the internet! What if it's like bad acid and I am fucked forever?!

Finally the initial gust wore off and I was incredibly relieved. However, during the next hour I felt and saw in my peripheral vision scary, hungry spirits circling all around me and was terrified.

I am a trained clairvoyant with the Berkeley Psychic Institute and divine through Tarot. I have done LSD many times. With that information and all my reading on this subject I thought I was prepared, but my Ego was ripped apart into a million pieces.

At this moment, about 24 hours after my experience, I am not convinced I will do it again, but if I do I will be doing a full cleansing of the house in a ritual ceremony to prepare.

The spirit world is real, and I was not totally prepared for how it would be so transparent while on SD. If a newbie is reading this that has strong psychic ability I highly recommend doing a cleansing and purification ritual before embarking on this journey.

My first experience was terrifying, but with ample preparation and the knowlege that yes...I will come down from the high eventually, I think I can benefit from another trip...down the line.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 09/27/2009
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Thanks for the report.

I really believe that what you put into your mind is some of what you get back out when you smoke Salvia D.

Just a thought. ;)


Posted by alfonsdewolf on 09/28/2009
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Good report. I, too, thought that having had many trips on LSD (long time ago)
would prepare me for SD. The hundreds of hours of trippin' did Not give me a clue as to what 5 minutes on Salvia would be like.
Some people are 'soft-head' and 'hard-heads'. Those of us who are open to the upper realms are far more susceptible.
It seems to me that you were enveloped in the astral plane, generally not a good place to be, what with all the entities running around!...and some of them feed off of fear.
I think I can best compare Salvia and LSD thusly, LSD showed me that Space and Time were two sides of the same Coin, Salvia showed me the Coin, Itself, and it consisted of countless...'rooms' and 'eyes'-I call it 'The Nuts and Bolts of the Cosmic Clock'.


Posted by Points on 05/06/2011
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Friend, please read my post.

I hope it helps with your journey! :)



Posted by Points on 05/06/2011
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Woops, sorry. Forgot to rate.

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