Salvia Trip

The 1st Time


Posted by CaRaBaS on 09/09/2009
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Type/Strength:natures harvest
Method of Ingestion:water pipe

where to start well i have read about Salvia and i thought hey i would grow a plant as i love growing things,

well my plant is nearly as tall as me and i had not tried her , Till she dried a leaf for me and dropped it on my window ledge,

i took the leaf crushed it up put in water pipe took 1 big inhale then fnished the chamber and sat on my bed,

Then i can now say what i remember or felt so bear with me,, ok i left the room my body maybe? as i remember coming back into my mind ,,there was a woman not magical or glowing or any thing but she was trying to pull my hands i really could see and feel my hands being pulled with what looked like strings of light roots (well that was a feeling ) hard to explain she had others with her trying to get me to come back to where ever she was or where i was i dont know , but i being a bit scared and forgeting that i had just taken salvia turned onto my side and pulled my hands away feeling the resistance they tried more light roots string rope lol what ever it was as they really did not want me to leave, then my mind started to rebel slowly i came back to my room with a strange feeling like are they going to try harder if i go back and what would have happend if i did not fight them / her ?,, still feeling very peacefull even tho before was scared to be honest , i lay there and thought omg that plant is not to be messed with taken lightly direspected in anyway ,,
I do want to try again (WHY I DONT KNOW ) but i will see thank you for puttig up with my rambling take care all

P.s will post pic if the powers of the site say its ok and then you can all see her tallness sorry for bad spellings etc just glad to share with like minded people

feel better now :)


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Posted by Synchronium on 09/10/2009
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Posting pics is cool. Use [img] tags like a normal forum.

Unfortunately, you can't edit your reports right now (I think), so you'd have to email me links to the pictures (you'll have to host them elsewhere), and I'll put them in.

There's a contact link at the bottom of every page. :)

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