Salvia Trip

THe blanket of Humans


Posted by Anonymous on 10/02/2010
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Type/Strength:40x Purple Sticky Salvia
Method of Ingestion:Pipe

So it all started in my restroom i took one bowl i felt a high kinda the one u get from the green i walk to my living room my friends playing xbox i said i felt funny and i was talking different i told him i just felt a body high and i didnt pay 40 bucks for a body high so i load another bowl and i sparked it thats when i slowly went away
i was just seeing colors my friend said he grabbed me i was not talkin to him at all i was just lookin at my backpack but i was in a whole diffrent world i felt like i stopped time in its self and i just kept repeating the same scene i was just apart of a big blanket full of other ppl.. and there was a rip in it and it happen because i smoked salvia so as i was comin back my friend kept repeating ARE U OK so i thought still i stooped time until he stopped sayin that i snap out of it and had soem crazy anxiety for like 5 mins i smoked a cig and felt great for the next 5 hours


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