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Posted by Anonymous on 10/02/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Smoking- Bong

This was the first time I had smoked salvia in my life. I have gotten this from California and was sitting for 2 years before I decided to smoke.

I loaded the bowl full of 50X salvia; then turned on the music player (Tool- 10000 Days, Vicarious). I have a sitter, she is my wife. After the first couple guitar riffs I hit the bong. Filled it to complete capacity (smoke was turning Yellow). I was not really sure on what to expect when it started to hit me. I have had little knowledge and also did little research on what was going to happen.
After I hit the bong I held the hit in as long as I could. Before I let the hit out my wife asked if I could feel it. I responded yes and handed her the bong. While bong was en-route from my hand to hers my vision started to fade from the bottom up. While the black was taking over my vision I also saw a straight line form from the bottom and started to contort into a bell shape. Once the bell had taken shape I closed my eyes. The bell was filled with shapes, colors, items, unexplainable colors and visions. I looked blinked and looked up (eyes open) still in the “shaman world” and Saw what looked like a HUGE gold Spine to book. I had lain down because the gold had reflected too much light for my eyes to handle.
When I was lying down I felt something smash into my face and go through my body. I was lyaing on my side and the pain started on the left side of WHOLE body (from head to toe) and transferred through to the right side that was layin down. It was the feeling of a brick wall going through the medium of my flesh. I opened my eyes in fear of the pain. I was back in my apartment laying on the ground.
While laying on the ground, the vivid reality hallucinations started to kick in. The brick wall was pages of a book flying in front of my face, each page slamming in my body. The only way that the pages could slam is if I was in the certain place on the floor. As if everything was “falling into its place”. The pain was SO IMMENSE that I freaked. I sat up and when I did my whole arms, hands and fingers were contorted from where I was sitting to be touching the floor. I looked at my wife and wondered how she was living through the pain. I wondered why the pain was even there. That’s when it got too intense for my being.
Trying to explain the pain to my body I had “realized” that this was all a book and mine was closing. Once the book closed my existence was lost and nothing would mean anything. I thought how I met my wife and how I couldn’t see her “plot” all along. I figured out she was part of the conspiracy to close my book. I got up and started to the door. Once I did this, the pain of the pages was stuck on my right side because I was standing and not lying down in the right place.
My wife was yelling “get on the floor”, “stay inside”. I flipped and ran outside. We live on the second floor of an apt complex and I flew down the outdoor hallway. I thought My wife was following inches behind but really she was about 30 feet. I thought she was the GRIM REAPER trying to catch me to put me on the floor to close my existence. I came to a 15 stair and really didn’t comprehend what it was. All I thought was she was going to catch me and I need to jump. I jumped and broke my right heel. I popped up and started to run but heard my wife SCREAM my name. Her face was one of the Devil, not literally, but I could see the anger. All of this seemed like split seconds, but she said I was on the ground for about 10 seconds. I figures since she was right behind me the whole time I could not escape her and inevitably could not escape death.
I faced death and said OK lets go back to the room. I guess I will just die. When I was walking back to the apartment it flet like walking the green mile on death row. I honestly faced death and figured when I step in the room all is done for. When I looked down at the ground LONG lines illuminated below my feet. This also convinced me I was dying because it was the Pages of my book ready to close.

I came to slowly, I really just started to realize I smoked salvia and I was really trippin, not really dying. This was an extremely opening experience for me. I am not done with precious plant of salvia and would like more advice on what I was seeing and why. I would also like more guidance on how to help my state of mind to make my trip a little let painful :D.


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Posted by shadowsalvia on 02/14/2010
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What kind of mood were you in when you took it?

Because many peoples experiences are based on the emotions they feel, i.e. scared/worried = bad trip. happy = good trip.

If you've focused or thought about something specific before a trip, i.e. bathroom tiles,(shopping earlier, random i know) your trip could contain what you were doing or seeing earlier, so you might see everything as coloured mosaics tiles or pieces.


Posted by alfonsdewolf on 02/15/2010
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Many (including me) say it is best to be prepared to "die" as Lady Salvia can be a very demanding presence. You experience a death of sorts, and shadowsalvia is correct, I find that the last thought I have before it hits becomes stuck in my mind and I go from there.


Posted by 316raider on 02/19/2010
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Thank you for your words. The last thing I thought about was "HOLY SHIT, how the hell is this happening so fast." I am sure that phrase threw me through a loop.

Not knowing what was going to happen and it happening so fast was just a blast to my reality.

Again, thanks a lot for your thoughts; greatly appreciated.



Posted by cassieraerae on 04/29/2012
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I had such a similar experience last night. I was with my boyfriend(Sam) and our friend(Drew). Suddenly it was like we were all in a book and it was ending. At first I thought Drew and Sam knew it the whole time because they were laughing(really just laughing at my gurgling ). I thought they knew our lives were something completely different, a book. But then the pages started coming down and the book was going to end. I tried to save Drew and Sam and the pages were cutting through them and I tried to pull them down. I was yelling at them to get down. I was freaking out. I tried to find what the center was that was being destroyed. I was thinking so differently it is almost unexplainable. I thought the whole house was being ended and that we had to get out and I could save them as characters. It was very scary but strange we both had the book of life sort of hallucination.


Posted by qkzz on 06/28/2015
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Wow! I just created an account just to say that exactly the same happened to me.
When I released the smoke my eyes started to vibrate and I held the bong to a friend. Bot on the way my hand started to leave my body and suddenly i was seeing the pages of a book.
The book had every moment of my life, like every second was a page from that book and the book was closing. I thought that if the book closed my life would end.
The amazing thing is that as "cassieraerae" posted, I was with friends too and I saw them laughing and started to think that they all knew that my life was only a book, so I got really scared there.
Finally I saw really far away a room that was accelerating to me really fast and there was when I realized I was on a salvia trip.


Posted by qkzz on 06/28/2015
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I also felt the same as you. I felt some kind of fire burning one side of my body at first.

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