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Posted by Anonymous on 30/03/2011
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Type/Strength:purple sticky salvia 15x
Method of Ingestion:bong+bic first trip bong+torch lighter second two

around November 2010 my brother in law had been telling me about his experiences with the sage. as someone who is very open minded i have tried pot, dxm, moving to mushrooms, and finally acid. none of it suited what i wanted. my idea of a good trip would be something that pulls you out of existence as you know it, because we all spend enough time cooked up in our created reality of this world. before i go further with that thought and share what i realized, i should probably describe the events transpiring around my experiences. it is very important to realize the mindset you take with you into messing with perception and sensation.

I was working a factory job, about 60 hours a week. a feeling of want would describe my overall mentality then. i wanted something extraordinary, because i was bored. in the little spare time i had for myself i spent meditating and studying qigong with many hours of body-mind exploration. i wasn't delving into transcendental meditation so much as just feeling every single fiber and sensation in my body through stretching and yoga type stuff. all of this gave me a very rooted feeling in myself. fear is not part of my brains vocabulary. this mindset is what i took with me.

my trip is extremely detailed, because i experienced the same area of reality twice in a row one night after the other. i wanted to remember as much of it as i could

my brother in law is very sensitive to divinorum. a simple dose of 5x can make him trip hard. this is something i see myself wanting, so i convinced myself 15x would do just fine because i choose to be sensitive to drugs. i grabbed the bong, found something on youtube to watch that might guide my trip (BIG MISTAKE), and set some other special plant into the bottom of the bowl so the salvia would not drop through prematurely. one pinch later and my lit up with a Bic lighter. i held the lighter to it and dragged hard, trying to get the salvia as bright orange yellow as possible. when the bong was filled i let some of the air out through my nose so my lungs could hold the entire rip. it shot into my lungs. i held it until i started to grey out and my vision softened. i exhaled very little smoke. i already felt slightly moved from my original state from the 5x i had smoked in a pipe maybe 10 minutes before. i had changed into some comfortable gym shorts and a sleeveless shirt previous to this hit because i get a real sticky feeling from this plant, and i didnt want anything to ruin my trip (enter my first stage of fear, fear of a bad trip lol. i wanted to experience visuals. i wanted something out of it. i didnt want to waste this opportunity). i set the bong on its little stool i had made for it to rest in. it was on the left side of the computer table. i played the video, i enlarged it so it covered the whole screen. i felt the normal uneasiness one experiences for about 3 minutes. i didnt watch the video previous to hitting the bong. i am an anime fan and it was a clip from bleach. lets just say there was blood, and it freaked me out only a little bit, mainly because something happened in the plot that i hadnt got to yet and i thought the character died. i felt for him and everyone in the story. it felt regretful like i wanted to shout nooooooooo! i had never felt so pulled into anything i watched so this was a new experience for me. luckily the clip ended before i went into the main part of the trip. near the end of the clip all the light in the center of my vision on the screen started to crest slightly up to the left then smear down slowly like something was grabbing onto and stretching it. i was finding myself leaning forward slouching in the very uncomfortable chair. it was dim in the trailer to my left, and the kitchen light to my right cast shadows across the entire living room area. it was as if the entirety of what lied before me was a sweeping fade to blackness. a transition from the known to the unknown. i wasn't really thinking at this time just being swept away with every single moment. my cycles of reflection and awareness had sunk to feeling one change in my sitting balance every three seconds. i was slowly and uncomfortably like a drunk man in my spot. time was much slower. it was like i was going back in time to the very first moments i could remember seeing. nothing felt solid or understandable. i could not access any of the connections i had made about this life (like oh look that pink looking thing seems like a cup). everything began to lose its meaning. i looked to my left, and my vision became clear for a moment. i could identify the table, the carpet, and generally large objects. i saw my sister walking towards me. her face was extremely clear. i looked back at the screen. it all started to lose itself again. i saw the majority of the light in front of me change to white, with a weird looking pattern crawling before me. it looked like letters, but each one was a world of its own. each one had its own texture and path. some curved, some were straight. they seemed to become larger, then move upwards slightly. i heard sound pierce the standing silence. the tv was off when i started the trip so i didnt know where it was coming from. it was a womans voice. it seemed she had a american folk sound to her voice, (i found later it was grace potter and the nocturnals courtesy of my sister. she turned it on without thinking it would mess with me) never ever play this type of music for a salvia trip. it will influence your thought in powerful ways like hypnosis. salvia does not confuse the sound complex and connection of words you made as a child like it confuses the light complex in your brain. instrumentals are fine. WORDS ARE NOT! THEY CAN BE SCARY AS SHIT!

this is the chorus.

"But it's a low low road
You've gotta roll down
Before you find your way, my friend
And it's a high, high hill
You've gotta climb up
Before you get to the top again"

it is the only thing i heard from the song low road by her. its interesting to think the simplest part of the song was all i could grasp from the sound when i was tripping. you need to listen to her sing it before you can understand. she stresses certain words and has this weird way of going about the song.
i was looking at the pattern on the screen again. they were getting wider and more detailed. one was a brick road. one was a long piece of straw. one was green and vegetable looking (when i came to i realized it was google's current main page haha!) i primarily heard the words LOW LOW RO~ad you gotta roll down. then some mumbling. then i heard ~ITS A HIGH HIGH HILL! so my head was sinking forward when she said low low, and then my balance was swirling around until she said high high and it pulled me back up to the letters. they were like a map now, a map of the world in front of me.

this is where the sage threw things into overdrive. the sound went away. i was locked in. the clutter on the table in front of me began to shift and take shapes of their own. tall colorful cups (yes the pink one) began to become little beings. all with voices and personalities that made them feel familiar. then they lined up underneath the great map of the world (thats what it had scaled to now, it was like my vision focused on what was in front of me and zoomed into it to fit into my peripheral vision. i dont know how long this little map studying party lasted. eventually they all began to stretch out sideways and form a multicolored sheet. then my vision withdrew about what seemed like 5 feet from them and i was looking straight down at them as if above the computer, except i didnt see the trailer. the world had become this sheet of colors and the rest was a bluish gray tint littered with different areas colored and shaded all sorts of the rainbow, but very very dim. as dim as the original light tones in the trailer. the multicolored sheet was separated into squares of red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, and black. all in a pattern like so
R,BLU,G,Y,O,P,B,P,O,Y,G,BLU, and then back through the whole cycle. it stretched both ways as far as i could see. i wasnt looking to either side though. i was staring at the red square directly below me. my angle changed by 45 degrees. imagine looking down and drawing a circle around the red square and you are at the top. then you slide backwards following the circle until you can see the side of the sheet. it was white, and looked like a huge row of books sitting next to each other with no space in between. i didnt see any binding or change in the actual surface of these books. only the color of the tops changed as well as the corresponding bottom lip i could see. i could even see all the individual pages pressed together to form that weird texture all large schoolbooks have. suddenly my angle changed again. this time i shifted all the way to the left and my perspective angle became the air next to the edge of one of the books. i was looking down the white textured stack of pages to the right of me. the books ran into the distant bluish gray horizon becoming smaller as they approached where everything fazed out. the red center book was about 4 color cycles away from me. i had been staring at this point from different angles the entire time. the other side stretched up in out of my vision now. maybe 70 feet away. but you have to remember how big everything seemed at the time. these books were the size of typical school desks in a science room. the black ones. in the corner of my left eye i saw the middle of the the pages bend out away from the center a few inches like an invisible rod was rolled in there. it made the surface of the colored area bend with it above and below. i realized i had moved back about 5 feet before that happened. this was the only time that something happened without me noticing the entire trip. i think i wanted a better angle to view it all. the bent area of the books began moving towards the horizon. i moved with it. as i began approaching the red center my vision began turning to face the invisible rod separating the middle of the books. i felt the books behind me being dragged upwards as if i was a part of them. i could see them rising now out of the corner of my eye as i began to turn my focus. i felt the sensation of pressure where the book in front of me was and where i was as if i was the current book where the rod had been rammed into the book. there was never a crease or a fold in the surface. it was all smooth and one. i felt the pressing of the book bottoms onto something below. an immovable floor of blues and grays and greens. all dim and mixed like a galaxy in a science magazine. i could see it like it was in the distance, but it felt like it was next to me. i continued rolling towards the center red. not only was i turning my focus to the left towards the rod which was moving parallel to me, but i was leaning my orientation towards the red book. like leaning in a chair to the right. the books continued to rise up behind me. it felt like i was on a wheel. except "I" was making the wheel as i left every color behind me and it moved to take its place in the chain. i heard a noise now. very nasal. repeating the same phrase in the same tempo. it sounded eerily similar to a cheer leader saying. "be aggressive, be aggressive". the difference was it was a strange mans voice and was saying "beee afrnd, be afrnd". very mumbly and nasal. and every time i reached a red book it changed. so as i was turning my head left to the invisible rod, i was leaning to the right, the books were rising, and i was approaching the red. all of this was congruent. it all happened at the same percentage change. every angle of perception between all the objects changed in correspondence to the speed i was approaching the red book in the center. i reached halfway and i could still see the red book clearly even though it wasnt the center of my vision anymoe. i was still 5 feet away from the long strip of books. slowly approaching. it sped up as i got closer, and i began to fear. it was like i felt i would die if i reached the red book. when i reached the red book everything shifted suddenly. i moved upwards again a little bit. i was looking at a perfect circle of multicolored books from a 45 degree angle 5 feet away. i felt very scared now. i didnt know what was going to happen. i saw all the faces of everyone i know flash vividly and and shiftily like looking at them on an acid trip. they were telepathically speaking "its over" then something about death. i heard the faint mixed voices and didn't see any mouths move. now my vision spun 180 degrees. i dropped back down five feet and begun to fade back into reality slowly. i saw the bong in front of me. i reached out absent minded for it and brought it to me. i saw i realized i had fallen to the left side of the chair with my body rigidly resting my knee/hamstring area on the left ridge of the seat. my back shoulder was leaning against the coffee table behind me and i was trying to tilt me head so it was in line with gravity's pull. it all started coming to me again. i realized everything that happened wasn't real anymore. and that i was coming down from the trip. i pushed the bong back away from me to safety now when i realized this. i looked over at my sister and she glanced at me then back to the tv which had been turned on by now. i said some stuff like "whats going on" (i was trying to ask her what she was doing) she only laughed. i said "erin" she looked at me. i said "what are you doing?" she looked at me puzzled and laughed again. she said "watching tv". i felt so confused. i said "i just saw" and quit. i was remembering what everything was like at that point. engraving it into my head. i looked at the tv. some guy in a white t-shirt was talking. i was like "he is a human" she laughed at me some more.

i wont take much to describe the second trip. it was the same book-like "timeline" as i had decided to call it. except i sat on the center red square and watched the book turn into a circle around me. i felt the same death. and awoke from the trip the same way; reaching for the bong. i was sitting in a much more comfortable chair though so the trip was much better that time. i used a mini torch to burn the salvia harder as well.

the third trip involved me seeing something in the future. and mostly centered around faces and a pyramid of light shifting to darkness. i only saw the book time line circle for a short period. my sister said each trip took me about 10-15 minutes. the visions in the third trip came true about 2 months later. it was nothing important just me hanging out with some friends i worked with at the factory and the house i was in.



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