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Posted by Anonymous on 01/01/2009
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Type/Strength:10X Extract
Method of Ingestion:Smoked in a standard wooden pipe

I am tewenty-two years old, and have very limited experience with psychoactives (marijuana three times, with adverse effects). I have had an increasing interest in shamanism and ethnobotany for the last six months or so, particularly in Morning Glory Seeds and Salvia Divinorum. My first experience with Salvia was terrifying...
I had had three tokes off the pipe with no effect whatsoever, until the fourth hit...
I heard an internal voice telling me to "put the pipe down and come", I barely managed to put the pipe down when an immensely strong wind threw me onto my bed, and the slats of my bed's headpiece curved into the wall behind and became a huge carousel, with the walls of my room spinning at a sickening pace. I had a vision of silhouetted people linking hands and forming the outward structure of the carousel. Suddenly I was a child, and indestinctive white-robed people (I had a strong feeling they were female) were soundlessly telling me to "get on the carousel"... I chuckled and said "I've been here BEFORE" and had a strong sense that I was re-living a distant memory of some kind.My sister was playing The Sex Pistols next door to my room, and the music got progressively louder and contributed to the hectic carnival atmosphere. Then I became agitated because of these matron-esque figures and the authority they had over me. I was still aware of my body as it lay pinned to the bed, a sensation of poker-hot bands binding me and burning across my chest. then my room starte to come back into focus, and I was aware that I was "coming out of it". The experience left a deeply unsettling and disturbed feeling for days.

The second time was about a week after the first... in the dark and with no background sounds except the rain, and it proved equally unsettling...
after the secondhit of smoke from the pipe I immediately felt my jaw extend and merge with the bed I was liying on... then a myriad of images appeared, and I was horrified that it was the CAROUSEL AGAIN. I tried to fight the spinning and melting of the room around me, praying to Lady Salvia, thinking "this is not fair! I came here to learn!" and a black Gummie-bear (the kind you get in huge packs wholesale from sweet factories)gave me a malignant glare from amid the carousel lights. When I came out of the experience I was even more unsettled than the first time.

I will only consider another jaunt with Lady Salvia if I feel the settings and time feel absolutely and completely right.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 01/02/2009
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You WILL be back.. my comment is that you should let go and realize that your experience is coming from your own subconcious mind..

I have started to "Salvia Trip" in my dreams so just relax and go with it..

Happy New Year and thank you for sharing your experiences..



Posted by LadyLazarus on 01/02/2009
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Yes, you are right, I probably will be back... This is something I can't leave alone.Wow, sorry about all those typing mistakes! Happy New Year to you too

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