Salvia Trip

The Diviner\'s Herb


Posted by jumbi on 19/08/2010
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Type/Strength:Salvia 40x
Method of Ingestion:Smoking (bong)

It begins as it always does with the hit. As I inhale its as if I can almost taste the power in it. The Diviners Herb they call it. As I hold my hit I contemplate how controlled we are when society feel that they need to control who can possess this product of nature. My vision begins to shake as if an insensible earthquake had just entered the room. But still I hold, this I thought was going to be an experience like no other and i wanted to take it to the limit. I feel my body start to shake as my brain begins to crave oxygen. The longer I wait the more intense this feeling gets. Until I start to the small areas of darkness start creeping into my peripheral vision.

Now. Exhale.

The dark edges of my vision now take new shape, splintering into thousands of tiny fibers, spinning and weaving together into an infinitely complex pattern. Reality had begun to unhinge itself. The forces of nature were no longer bound by the laws of reality. Light and gravity no longer followed assumptions or solidity. Colors would brighten and change space would elongate, and change making it very difficult to tell exactly where you were in that moment in timespace.

I let my body fall back unto my bed of paisley and fractals, but instead of stopping as it should into a surface of comfort I continue to fall as if there was nothing to stop me at all.

How to describe it....

It was as if I was traveling through a tunnel, the walls pushing against every exposed part of my body. I felt as if there is an electrical charge throughout my whole body. I was leaving this place. I closed my eyes and let the experience intensify. The reality of my room was like a distant memory, I entered a different realm. But it was beginning to darken and there was no turning back.

The experience of the tunnel had stopped. I was in a new place that was almost entirely black, but it seemed to stretch on forever, like a sky with no stars. My ascension was complete I had no stimulus whatsoever of the real world, even my music which was still playing at a reasonably loud volume could not pierce the veil into 'this' world. My body buzzed as if charged with thousands of volts, concentrated on the areas just behind my knees.

but instead of trying to avoid this I embraced it. I tensed my body. The world began to spin and move toying with my brain it felt as if my body was being dragged and thrown around like a ragdoll, but without any movement whatsoever. It was all interior as if my very soul was struggling to break free.

But this was beginning to be to much for me. The intensity had grown to a point beyond control. And it showed no signs of stopping. I press my hands to my head. My perception of the outside world was completely gone but I had a vague sense that I was tripping on something. I felt impelled to communicate what was happening in my mind was unbelievable. It was impossible. It was inhuman, it broke all the rules. I couldn’t connect the state I was in with my past experience at all it was just insane. I tried to speak, but the act was so foreign to me a blurred mess of gasps and crys. Eventually I managed to breathe the words I had so helplessly been searching for

"can i ever go back?"

I didn't expect an answer. It began as a slow rumbling, something impossible huge shaking this entire existence. It was laughter. Piercing harsh laughter. Changing pitches and tones, it rang all around me wrapping me in a liquid cocoon of sound.

And just then I made the biggest mistake anyone can ever make upon an adventure such as this. They call it 'the fear'. Had I taken things to far? Would I ever reconstitute? Had i so perversely modified my perception that it would never properly re-assemble? Thinking these thoughts only made it worse.

Reality began to rip, tearing at the seems, pulling me with force of a black hole. From the rip a blinding light burst forth growing brighter and brighter and brighter.


that final moment where in the fraction of a second I see past it all, all the way back through the dark realm, through the tunnel, back to my room.

And sure enough with what would seem like the last ounce of energy left in my body I wrench my eyes open and gasp for air.

I was back in my room, I can still feel the effects on my body but it was real. Concrete. I was back. I roll over and push my face into my pillow. I had never been so happy to return. To come down. I closed my eyes and let my music slowly bring me back all the way. My tension eased. I felt relief. Everything was alright.

I felt lighter, as if a great weight was lifted and I as I laid there I realized I had never been happier to be alive, just to exist. And I continued this until I awoke to a touch from someone i had been desperately waiting to see.


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