Salvia Trip

The effect of a single leaf


Posted by Anonymous on 22/05/2008
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Type/Strength:dried leaf
Dosage:one leaf
Method of Ingestion:smoke

Alright, so I feel very transcendental when I smoke just a single leaf outside.  It's as if I can feel the warmth of the trees around me, the whisper of the wind at my ears.  I wish I could hear the earth, but the river is practically screaming at my back.  Life as we know it began on earth, it is our mother, and we need to give it the respect it deserves.  It has given us everything except sunlight, so why not give back with understanding?

Maybe I'm just weird, but it's like I get so much closer to nature through salvia.  It makes me want to sleep outside, if there was only a way to prevent myself from being consumed by a swarm of mosquitoes. 


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Posted by salviaspirittrip on 10/17/2008
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how much should u take to get a mind boggling trip? im gonna get a gram of 10x


Posted by AWILSON2574 on 02/22/2009
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i wish i felt like that mine was crazy


Posted by Exzanian on 01/09/2011
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That's the beauty of salvia: The dosage is so controllable, and you can get out of it exactly what you want, and move to the next level (or not) when YOU want to...

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