Salvia Trip

The Gift


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 10/10/2008
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Type/Strength:Because/ 10X
Method of Ingestion:Vapor Blast It In Da Bong

No one responds

I dont care...

No matter what.. if you love your family or yourself or even if you hate everything..

Salvia will put it all in the way YOU need to see or hear or just BE always in perfect time..



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Posted by recyclablewaste on 11/22/2008
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Wow, nothing of your experience... surprise.


Posted by nickb47 on 07/13/2010
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they're just words of wisdom you asshole


Posted by grimjim on 09/08/2010
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I think that many trippers are just passing thru and learning, and don't take the time to comment. In too much of a rush to participate - never mind. I like your short posts :-) sometimes it's too hard to describe a trip to do it justice.

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