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the great aha!


Posted by Anonymous on 04/07/2011
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Type/Strength:pure extract
Method of Ingestion:bong

Hi. My name is Terrie, and I took my 1st ever salvia trip on 7/1/11. The salvia was triple x extract. Black.
I took 1 good rip, held it, exhaled and felt a weird something, and told my sitter that I needed another one. I guess I only got half way there, and in the blink of an eye I was transported to my new exhistence,and all prior exhistance had never happened.
I found myself in a library with other people around, and there was an old story teller guy there. He was talking about the Great Aha! As I was hearing this tale, I looked off to my right, and could see a giant man standing there in a blank white existance. I shift my attention back to the story teller, and he is telling about the Great Aha! and if He says it, all existence will be lost. I said I don't want to be the aha, and get another urge to look right. I saw the Giant again, and that was when i realized that our whole universe was on one skin cell on the corner of the giants mouth. I shift my attention back to the library when all of a sudden I feel a strange shifting motion. Books start falling off of the shelves and people are reacting. I start getting stretched like a huge piece of pink taffy. I look to the right again and see the giant. He is starting to open his mouth, and i knew he was going to say Aha! I shift my attention back to the library, screaming out I don't want to be the Aha! I am getting streched further, and thought we were all going to die and forcibly ripped myself to the left, away from the giant.This seemed like and eternity that i was in my salvia trip.after that I started seeing my sitter, and that was what brought me back. That was the biggest mind bender I have ever had. I still have complete recall, and won't ever suggest that someone try it. That will have to be their own idea.

This is the sitters point of veiw.
she took her hit sat there for a second and said i think i need another about 5 seconds later she attempted to take another hit but she busted up laughing and blew water everywhere then she just layed back in her bed and laughed harder and harder until she was snorting and gasping for air her eyes were open....her stomach was moving like her airway was clogged and she was struggling for air after a while of that she started laughing in between snores and saying "I dont want to be the no NO NO!!!!" after a while of that she said guys get me out i dont want to be here anymore.....then she just sat up and came back to reality...well kind took a while to wear off.
It was pretty freaky.....


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Posted by Dreamer on 07/05/2011
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That's funny as hell!!


Posted by mattdicar on 05/07/2013
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Wow...that was shocking for me to read.

Giant Man standing in a blank white existence.

Realization that our whole universe was on one skin cell on the corner of the giants mouth.

Getting stretched like a huge piece of pink taffy.

I experienced these exact same 3 things in the same order in my deepest Salvia hallucination. How is that even possible


Posted by mattdicar on 05/07/2013
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"I quickly zoomed out to see a large human like entity from the chest up, with no face at all; white background, the being was all solid beige."

"in that instance it occurred to me that my entire experience of reality was basically a tiny point on a large page that was a part of this entityís mouth"

"I remember I was blind and all I could see were flat planes of single colours: a pinkish plane and another colour I canít remember, predominantly a pink visual."

^ quotes from my trip report explaining the same thing.. all from the same trip


Posted by burningmouth on 11/12/2013
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You guys should google DM Turner. I think he had a trip similar to this one.


Posted by kamran14291 on 10/18/2016
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