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Posted by Anonymous on 05/08/2010
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Method of Ingestion:bong

One year ago I heard about this plant, but I wasn't very impressed - I thought that this thing is something like cannabis with very short effect.About 2 and a half weeks ago 3 of my friends gave the idea to try it.But I wasn't very sure till I red about its effects in the web - and I was amazed and tried to prepare for the trip.

So, we were outside - in an alcove.We put in the bong 1/3 from a gram of 20x extract.One of the friends took a hit, the other also and I was the last.They began to laugh loudly while I was taking my hit.I also laughed after that but I didn't feel something else so I put some more extract in the bong and took a deep hit.Than my horrifying trip began..My friends told me that at this point I have felt on the floor, under the bench and I have started to scream.The last thing from the reality I remember was that I was watching one of my friends laughing and trying to pick me up - They possessed contact with the reality because they didn't took such quantity as me but they weren't absolutely O.K. and scared me so I thank that there was a babysitter.At this moment this friend transformed into an unusual hybrid between a white pigeon and Saint Peter.Than I was transformed into a pure energy flow.This energy flow was struck between many yellow walls.Actually, I was between many walls at one time.Something was pulling me and stretching me.I was absolutely horrified because the strange hybrid was trying to pull me out of the walls.And I wanted to pass them from the other side but I was unable - the hybrid was pulling me, so I was struck there for eternity.There was no time.I felt like the walls were the place of the unreality and I wanted to go to one of the realities - actually I realized that I wanted to travel to some kind of dark place and to investigate it but I cant because of the strange creature.After about 7 - 9 minutes from the reality I slowly began to go out of the walls and to materialize on the opposite bench - in front of the bench where I was sitting when I took my last hit.I was absolutely confused.I was hugging my babysitter when I understood where am I.She told me that after my falling I have moved on the other bench.Before that my friend was laughing and trying to pick me up very rudely till She has told him to stop doing this.So probably, this is the reason of my horrible trip..

I have never smoked Salvia till this moment..and I realized something - It's better to smoke alone, inside with one babysitter.I will smoke again (despite the horrible trip) but this time I'll follow the above..I'm amazed what Salvia can do... so - don't make a joke with this thing.

(Sorry if there are some mistakes - my Š•nglish is not very good)


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Posted by Folypeelarks on 08/05/2010
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..This was my trip but I forgot to enter in my account..

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