Salvia Trip

The land of music


Posted by Anonymous on 30/05/2009
Avg Rating: Unrated

Method of Ingestion:water pipe

I had tried salvia once before and oddly enough when i tried it this time I had the same or similar experience as before... I smoked it with my friend and girlfriend, we took turns so 2 people could watch one person. When it came to me i loaded the bowl, my friend lit it and I took one full bong hit and held it in. At first nothing happened and I wasnt sure it would work... the next thing I know I blow out the smoke and then I'm in a COMPLETELY different place. I experienced being part of this huge colorful world where everyone was singing and I was multiple things at once going through this whole track of color and music. I finally try pulling myself out of it and half way come back to reality. I can see my friends but am still fighting off the pull of the trip. It was like the singing people in the colorful world were trying to get me to come back and to keep going with the song... but finally I stopped it and was back feeling very weird and shakin up. I truly believe I went to an alternate reality and experienced being multi-dimensional (for a second time).


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