Salvia Trip

the living water


Posted by orangefrog509 on 31/12/2008
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Method of Ingestion:smoke (bowl)

it was like 10:00 at night,on thanksgiving. my family had gone home, and i was IMing poeple on the pc. my cousin(19) signed on and said to come over to my grandmas house where she was stayin for the night. so i asked my mom to drive me. im (16) :P

so we chill for like 10 minutes until my mom leaves, and my cousin pulls out this bag( i thohgt it was pot) she goes" here just take one hit and youll trip" she told me it was salvia. i never did it befroe, but read about its intense effect.

i take the biggest hit i could, and held it for 10 seconds. i didnt notice anything for like 20 seconds, but i blink and a 2-d image of a distorted penguin gets into my head. i open my eyes and colors seemed more vibriant. my cousin who was right next to me didnt look like her self at all. she was half-melted end echod when she spoke. i got up off the couche, a little scared. i couldnt walk. when i looked down, the brown carpet had somhow turned blue. at this point, i had no perception where, or evev WHO i was. the carpet moved under me like water. it then tried to suck me down. "water" was splashing everywhere, and i began to get a little sweaty. the water said "come to us, the fish need you" it seemed like i was fighting the water for hours, but in reality, it was just 10 minutes. the seas died down, and i turned around. reality came back to me. from a 2-d triangle, my cousin morphed out of and returnd to her physical form.

i felt enlightend after that. then i felt bad for what people are doing to our planet. maybe the sea was trying to tel me something. idk.... that was some wicked ride though. will i do it again... YES!


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