Salvia Trip

The longest journey of my life


Posted by AidenTheLink on 10/09/2009
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Type/Strength:dried leaves
Method of Ingestion:water bong

The first time I smoked Salvia was with a bunch of friends. I managed to reach a state of new reality while still being in our reality... But I wanted to really feel something. I felt like having so many people stopped me from experiencing it fully. So I tried again with just one of my friends being a sitter. That time I journied a bit more.

The third time was the charm.
The room was pitch black, side from a small light from my closet and some glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling. I had some trancey music playing, and a wave sound simulator. I remember taking the first hit, and feeling a bit of a "buzz" in the roof of my mouth, and a heaviness in my head. I took a second hit, and after holding it for a while, I felt like a giant suddenly. It was strange, I knew that I was tripping and I kept trying to tell myself "not his is nothing." I was determined to reach a higher state than that. But what was this?

My bed had become an entire world. my body stretched to the horizon. Everything I COULD see when I turned on a small light was very small and distant. I reached for the bong. My arm stretched to forever. I knew that the wave sound and music were distracting me, so I shut them off. I looked at the "stars" and felt that they really were stars, that I was gazing into forever. I felt like if I reached my arm out I could grab one. Things felt infinitely far away, but I seemed impossibly large, and able to grasp anything. I loaded the bong, and took a third, long hit, holding it as long as I could.

Suddenly, I was no longer there. I managed to set the bong down without realizing I had done so. I threw off my blankets, no longer confined to this world, and ventured upwards. into the sky. Birds with faces appeared, guiding me up more, to the top of a mountain. On top was a castle, a large castle with beautiful decorations. And sitting in that castle was a throne. On that throne.. was A Native American man, dressed in shamanistic clothing. I knew he was a god, or some kind of higher spirit. He stretched out his hand, beckoning me to come closer. I kneeled before him, staring up in wonder at him. He spoke in a low, deep voice that seemed to come from everywhere.
"we are all, each one of us, gods of a sort. we have the power to change our destinies. You are in control of your own fate."

Suddenly as I understood this, I was thrown back to earth. down, down down. I felt cold suddenly as I realized there was nothing covering me. I pulled the blanket over me, and curled up on my side. as I did so, I saw a light. The light was a face, an opera mask almost. It looked at me and started to talk. I asked it, "Are you God?"


"Are you the Devil?"

no reply.

I instantly was afraid. NO. I have to get away from it. I pulled the blankets over my head, desperately trying to block out what light may have caused this vision. As I did so, I felt that I was pulling ground over me. Suddenly I was in a tunnel far below the surface. I was a mouse. I started repeating to myself "I am a mouse. I am a mouse. I feel like a mouse. I can see other mice around me. Where are the rats? They want to kill us. WHERE IS THAT CAT?" I panicked, and tried to burrow deeper underground.

As I burrowed, I felt more like a bug. I could feel multiple legs. I was a beetle of some sort, and it disgusted me. I started almost clawing at myself, feeling my skin to reassure me that yes I had skin, not an exoskeleton. I only had two arm, and had hair as well. I was human. I climbed back up to where I was a mouse and felt safer. At this time I reached for my buzzing phone. A text. I quickly managed to type out "Am I a mouse????" I got a reply "No. Calm down, set down whatever you are on, and go to bed." I thanked her, and continued repeating "I am human, I have 5 fingers, I am not a mouse."

Somehow I managed to send off about 10 twitter updates about this, without even realizing what I was doing. My last text to the friend read "Shutting up before I ramble further. Offff the waterfalll...."

I felt myself going down a huge waterfall, drifting to sleep.

The dreams I had were intensely real and sexual. I felt part of a ritual, where half-man, half-humans were there, using me while I had no control. But I wasn't afraid. I felt like this brought me higher. I was not afraid.

I woke up, and looked at the clock. A full hour had passed somehow. I still felt like I was in a dream. But I coaxed myself back to sleep.


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Posted by CaRaBaS on 09/10/2009
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wow sounds amazing if a little scary, dont know if you read my post but i really want to try again but bit nervous what do you think??


Posted by CaRaBaS on 09/10/2009
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soz new to tjis rating thing


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 09/10/2009
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Nice report.

It is always a bit frightening it seems for most people when you go down that wormhole.

After many encounters with Salvia D I finally decided that it was in my best interest to abandon myself to the journey and just go with wherever and whatever was happening.

As a result of this freedom I experienced my own death, splitting into uncountable aura like images of my body and traveling to regions unknown, visiting strange landscapes and towns, seeing and talking to otherly beings, and just incredible visual displays of colors overwhelming me completely.

The experience have ranged from 1 minute to an hour, then always returning to the darkness of my room laying on my bed. I get some incredible stretching in bizarre yoga positions after about half the times.

My experiences with Salvia D (by the way strengths from plain leaf to 40X) when the TV or music is on are incredibly startling but very satisfying. It is like I know where I am but I also am somewhere else. I sweat profusely on all these occasions while entering the "real time portal".

Hey I am rambling here. Stop.....

My original thought was that when a person is ready, they should always flow past the moment of fear and go with Salvia D and be thankful you were one of the chosen to experience her.


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