Salvia Trip

the lotus flower


Posted by haddad on 23/08/2009
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Method of Ingestion:smoke

i took a hit of salvia held it in for 30 seconds of 20x and i saw a hazy object come in from the south and white in color which i found out is your prana or kundalini energy , then out of that sprouted a light blue lotus flower and appeared brilliant in color and vitality! and it turned and started spinning counterclockwise i then came out of my body and went to space or akasha and was weighed on the scales of balance and then returned to my body reborn as a new enlighted individual and a new belief system. i found out what i saw was my soma chakra one of the many chakras it is only seen by an entity who has ascended all of the elements and has merged with the supreme consiousness.. i am now a yogi and have begun teaching others of my experiences to give people a true understanding of whats out there without all the dogma from religion. reincarnation is real and we are all on different stages in our development represented by which lotus you see. we all strive to attain enlightenment so we must ascend up the chakras to detach ourselves from the ignorances that strive to hold us down. join me my friends in learning the truth about existence and may you take this information i researched and use it as a tool to believe that god is a loving god and we are all part of the puzzle and need eachother to be happy. in love and light take care of eachother:)


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Posted by high dragon on 08/26/2009
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Wow ,it´s impressing to read ur action...i would like to improve my english knowledge, so than i could be able to explain better what i´ve felt...and how i´m seeing ...about experiences, thinkings and new perceptions...u r on the way,but me ,too, maybe just on this matter n t far like u.YOU ARE ON THE INDIAN FILM:::although u r writing that u r not a yogi, i smell that u would like to get nearby...Why not then..let us feel and learn fr each other, and even 2gether.feel free,to go on THEWAY;However it ´s agreat feeling to read other people´s experiences ,thoughts and visions about how all should develop...sincerely jj.

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