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The non existent color


Posted by Anonymous on 04/05/2010
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Method of Ingestion:bong

It started of dramatically. Much more than I would've thougth. It was my first time ; my friend said hey this will be crazy fun. Crazy is not the word I assure you.
As soon as I exhaled, The world started shaking and I fell, thinking omg wtf did I just take, I'm a fool! I melted and became some form of plastic rack, pretty much like those 2l coke bottle holder.I was on a infinite kind of conveyor, like those in factories. At one end was a galactic clown face, eating everything on the conveyor.
Seconds after (or years for what it matters) I started floating in the air then through the ground, I was inside.... something (imagine a round slice of orange from which you remove the part you eat but leave all the skin leading to the center, Then I am in one of these sections, rotating through the ground and in the air, the center of the ''wheel'' being ground level)
Looking in the eyes of the clown, I saw a group of people chilling there smoking weed. The IT ATE ME

But I didn't die. I became a color, but one which does not exist (altough i'd describe it as a multicoloured gold but it's more than that, it's like every color at the same time with gold dominating the spectre... well it does not exist). All the object in the universe became part of a stack of color. I was a string in the universal canvas of color. I ripped open the universe (but with non existing hands). I ended up in a grocery but I was like wow fuck that so I jumped back through the rip into the colors. I ended up in a vertical tunnel in the ground with a rope. I climbed the rope to the top, opened the hatch and found my friends sitting on the grass in the same spot where I smoked. One of my friend faces was white and red and dripping to the ground (literally becoming liquid). My (now ex)girlfriend hair were growing to reach the end of the world. I jumped back into the hole and fell forever a bit like gandalf in the moria (yes I do like LOTR). I ended up in a green lake of water in front of which there was an outdoor cinema screen. I blended into the screen and a moss covered castle appeared. I started smashig the castle and it morphed into a gigantic card castle which I was seeing from multiple angle at the same time. Then, I was shot back into my body and I started running infinitely (in my head) like in the matrix when he run on the rail road (matrix 2). In the end, a gigantic tree gardian was trying to kill me but I was slowly coming back to normal. But wtf is normal after that?

My first trip ever : totally crazy
sorry for misuse of word or expression, my main language is French


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 05/04/2010
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Nice report.

I am amazed at how many people can describe such detail in their salvia trips.

The depths of what is hidden in our minds is incredible. And the color you saw is REAL. It is your color I guess?

And yes, welcome to the real world Neo!!! It is all in your mind.


Posted by alfonsdewolf on 05/06/2010
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Nice report. My experience showed "time" as an infinite row of..."rooms"...and soul moves through them, but I was stuck on one spot for what seemed forever and feared I would not come back. Intense stuff.


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 05/08/2010
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Just an addition to my previous comment based on alfonsdewolf's comment.

The infinite layerering is a consistent effect I also experience. I will never forget the first time I went full under and everything including myself visually appeared as infinite onion-like layers expanding on and on and on. And as he said, what seemed like forever being stuck or locked in forever did bring on a fear of not returning ever. I even had an experience where I actually thought I was dying, but I just layed back and decided to be thankful for my life and accepted my fate. The return was like being reborn. Very exhilerating!!!

One time in the dark laying on my bed I was seperated into infinite layered images of myself surrounded by very bright red, green and gold aura-like waves as i sped of into space on a long journey where I eventually re-entered through a large opening in a tunnel where the walls appeared all fractilized shiny black spiderweb like patterns.

These were all after smoking from an ice pipe with 20x and emptying the bowl and holding the smoke for 30 seconds.

I always check a digital clock in the dark to note the entry time and then check it when I return. I have had experiences as short as 10 minutes, but as long as 30. The commitment is to let go and remain in a receptive mode no matter what happens.

You will be rewarded!!
God Bless you.

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