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the pirates


Posted by Anonymous on 19/07/2009
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Method of Ingestion:bong

this was my first time smoking salvia so i didnt really know what to expect i was in my friends attick because his parents where having a party i packed the bowl and took my first hit i went to take my second i cleared the whole thing and remember coming up confused on where i was. i looked at my friend and said "am i still here" then "where am i?" i packed another finished it in 2 hits than left the bong there completly forgetting about it.

i climbed down the later feeling very disconnected with everything i ran upstairs to the bedroom my friends where all stairing at me asking me what i was seeing this pissed me off so i went to the backyard. i jumped in the jacuzzi with the one friend that wasnt pissing me off. i stared at him for a second he turned into the devil i wasnt afraid tho. i jumped into the pool and stared at the wall jack sparrow walked out of the wall and i turned into davey jones we began killing pirates everywhere than i swam off at the otherside of the pool i saw somthing stuck in the wall after a second of staring at it michael jackson popped out i stabbed him with my sword from the pirate fight then the trip ended


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Posted by Shrewt on 04/14/2010
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This experience is obviously fake. This website isn't for crappy story telling, it's for sharing our salvia experiences. Don'nt waste our time please

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