Salvia Trip

The Primacy


Posted by Anonymous on 20/03/2008
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Type/Strength:TBS 20x
Dosage:.1 gram
Method of Ingestion:My big waterpipe

Okay, I had such a beautiful experience.  Oh I am high on life right now.  I was watching "Where the Buffalo Roam" and it was at the scene where Laszlo is defending the teenager for a joint and the kid gets five in the slammer.  Makes me SICK!

Anyways, I felt a vortex slightly to my left pull me through, and BAM I relived many scenes of childhood which I had forgotten, and they were all the good ones, none of the bad.  If I can pull that off a few more times I think I can clear some psychological blocks which resulted from sexual abuse.

I was digging under fences and eating green peaches with my neighbor Stevie, having grilled shark and watching scary movies with my family and Stevie's family, I went to storytimes at the beautiful old library which was housed in a historic church, and smelled like bookdust and the rubber soles of the new shoes the kids got for back-to-school.

I read Dr. Suess with an elderly black lady who worked at the library and also babysat my sister and I.  I went with my mom to get repairs done on our car, and we rode a courtesy van to the mall where I hid in clothing racks and wondered why the women put socks on that were too thin to keep their feet warm.  I ran away from the schoolyard with one of my classmates in third grade and we found horseapples by a drainage ditch, and to us it was like the Mississippi River, with a torrential whirlpool appearing every time we threw a brain-textured green fruit in the ditch.  The fruits had white sticky sap if they were fresh, and fuzzy, cottony seeds inside if they were dried out.

I slowly returned to my body and my dog had become myself as a young child, and I gave myself a hug so deep we merged and I felt nostalgic as I said "Don't go, I miss you so much" to my child self.  I'm choking up as I write this.

I had a teaching imparted to me as I came back, and it was this:  We all came to where we are from a Primal Source.  No matter what you believe, atheist or religious, no matter the religion, everyone knows we came from something before ourselves.  As a child, no one could tell me and Stevie not to dig under our parent's fences to cross into eachother's yards surreptitiously except our parents who owned that little plot of soil.  If another neighbor or a cop or anyone else tried to stop us they would legally and morally be beyond the boundaries of any just law.  Our parents could stop us because they were the most immediate creators of our persons, and they were the ones who did the hard work in exchange for the ownership of the yards.

Creation and own


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