Salvia Trip

The Salvia Tidal Wave


Posted by Anonymous on 14/09/2008
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Type/Strength:10X - Level?
Method of Ingestion:smoked, water filtered

Darkened room, lying down, I had to lie on my back just before the edge kicked in. I remember some euphoria and giddiness. I remember the edges of my vision starting to “curl” towards the center of my visual plane. Nothing intense, just a perceiving. The scraping, rough “edge” that scrapes the top of your palate towards your teeth, and the edge that scrapes up from your lower body towards the top. Back to front, bottom to top. It is a "fractalized" feeling.
I felt like laughing out loud, but didn’t vocalize. It’s hard for me to speak or laugh during the peak of salvia. I felt the curl close in tighter, and all I can recall is feeling like I was rolled up and then rolled right out the wall that was to my right! There is a huge window in the wall that I was lying next to. When I came down I said, well, a window is so much less resistant than a wall is…made so much sense.
So, I “rolled” out the window as if taken in a wave being pulled out into the ocean. As if I was lying on the beach and as the waves rolled in I was taken out with them. That is when I lost time. The couple of minutes during the peak felt like 20-30 seconds at the most. I had stopped looking at the clock at this point, I closed my eyes and opened them a few times. But all in all lost sense of time and space. As I slowly “came down” from the salvia high I felt like I was being dropped off by the big wave that took me in. It dropped me off slowly, and as it did I reached my arms out to the left and acted like I was dragging myself back into the room. As if clawing the sand (carpet) to pull myself in as this thing dropped me off. I felt like I was emptied out of a big cylinder! I washed back in with the salvia tide.
I have injested LSD nearly 200 times and have never been to the places I've seen and felt on salvia. She is definitely a creature of a different color.


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Posted by DonS on 09/20/2008
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Lots of questions, but foremost- were you terrified? Scared? Did you feel safe or totally at the mercy of something unknown? Or was there some part of you in the background somewhere (especially given your experiences with LSD) that realized what was happening & knew just to ride it out, that things would make sense sooner or later & you'd be "yourself" again?


Posted by wolfmoon559 on 10/31/2009
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what is happening is the spinning of the lotus which is your chakra like in hindu texts they are right i have researched and i saw and felt what you did and before the tital wave hit me i saw a lotus flower appear and i was like what the hell is that ...... i figured it out so im letting you know you opened up your chakra which is a spinning lotus flower of etheric energy which takes our souls or is the vehicle with which we travel from this side to the other side... if you want to know more get back to me , in love and light :) haddad


Posted by grimjim on 08/21/2010
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You talk of the Edge. I get this feeling a lot on Sally. It's as if your attention is drawn to, and intensifies, any particular feeling in your body, eg the feeling of your Tongue against the roof of your mouth. Or the edge of things you're looking at, difficult to explain. And it feels like it's at right angles to itself. And it's like your consciousness has stepped backwards from this Edge of your body into another place, away from your body and reality. To me this Edge feels like a very clear boundary in the experience of the Salvia trip.

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