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The sound of Hell!


Posted by andyb on 10/07/2009
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Method of Ingestion:water pipe

Friday, 10 July 2009

Having had an overwhelmingly horrific first encounter with salvia, I was rather more cautious this time! I smoked only a couple of flakes at a time and then waited a couple minutes before having a few more flakes. In the end I took 3 hits with about 3-5 minutes in between each one.

After the first hit I achieved level one. Had this been my first time I would probably not have known that anything was happening, but I recognised the distinctive taste left in my mouth. Very little happened other than simply being aware that something was happening.

At the second hit I reached level two. The only effect I was aware of was that everything looked kind of funny and glassy in a strange way. It was not really a hallucination so much as a feeling that the world was slightly 2D.

With the third hit I knew that something was definitely happening. I had begun by closing my eyes but had opened them as soon as I realised that nothing major was going on with the previous two hits. However I kept my eyes closed for this level. It was very quick and the intense part was over almost as soon as it had begun. It manifested itself as a 2D black and white swirling vortex/tunnel in front of me. It swirled in a counter clockwise direction. That in itself was kind of cool.

What hit me then was the sound. It was the same sound I had heard during my first encounter with salvia but had not remembered it afterwards. It began like it was in the distance, like a metallic pneumatic hammer or a metallic roar of some kind. As soon as I was aware of it in the distance I suddenly felt myself being dragged out of reality by it like I had been with my first salvia trip only this time it was more like the threat of being taken out rather than actually being taken.

It was terrifying again but only for a second because I suddenly remembered that the sound was the same one I had heard before and so realised it was the effect of the salvia. Then it seemed to whoosh past me. I had then, though this may sound totally bizarre, an awareness that I had been given a gentle reminder of what salvia does to you and that the choice of whether I would return to it or not was mine. If I did return though, I must be prepared to give myself to it in a way that I had not on my first experience. I was also aware that I could travel with salvia in a progressive manner but that it would be pretty much the same as this each time as this was the door one must traverse into the next realm.

The sound itself cannot be described. It was totally not of this reality. No word of a lie, it sounded like the very fabric of existence being ripped apart. It was like the sound itself was coming from Hell and was going to take you there whether you wanted it to or not. It was the worst thing I have ever heard in my life. At the same time I was aware that it seemed to be a familiar sound like something I had heard before in my worst ever nightmare. It was like the sound of death or birth or both, or something.

When the intense part was over I opened my eyes and sat up. Everything looked fairly normal but I was aware that I was still tripping because when I moved my hands in front of my face they left crazy trails like you see when they depict people tripping in the films. Then I looked down at a stick I had been using as a staff in the woods, (which is where I was), and for some reason laughed maniacally at it.

I found the whole experience a relief, having had such a scary first one. I think I will follow the same pattern of smoking next time (and I do think there will be a next time) but I will take it a little further and further gradually...


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Posted by divinorum_dude on 07/12/2009
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Once again, an excellent post.

I do the same as what I think you were describing, that is, I "step up." When I first sit down and start journeying for the day, I usually follow this routine:

1. (Sometimes) I'll start with smoking a bowl or two or three of the dried, non-fortified foliage. This produces an awesome, mellow and altered state, nice for preparing for entering the other dimensions. I usually don't "go out" with just the straight leaves.

2. One 5x hit - I'll usually do a nice journey with a good 5x hit.

3. A second 5x hit.

***At this point I only progress if I have a sitter (the strongest I'll do alone is 5x)***

4. A 10x hit.

5. A 20x hit.

6. A hit of Red Salvia (from

7. And then, if I feel really courageous, only once a month or so I might do a hit of Blue Salvia (120mg/g - and extremely high dose).

So, I step up. the most I do alone is two or three hits of 5x.

BTW, I get the counter-clockwise vortex/tunnel, too!

I don't get the awful sound you described, though. Do you ever use music with your trips? Using some good, mellow music is very important and meaningful when doing salvia. That would probably solve your sound issue.

I recommend picking something mellow and meaningful to you, such as drumming music, or any mellow and/or meaningful music to you.

Well, that's my 2 cents worth.

Happy journeying!


Posted by andyb on 07/16/2009
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Thanks again for your comment.

You really seem to have got this down to a fine art! I definitely think that "stepping up" is the way to go.

I will try using music as you suggest but first of all I want to actually face my fear of this awful sound and get beyond it.


Posted by BigKen1906 on 07/29/2010
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The first time I tried Salvia I heard a sound or chanting that I "remembered" from a long time ago. All I could think was, damn...I remember this...was it from when I was a little kid in Chicago. When I was back from my trip, I couldn't remember the sound. A few months later I was at work and it came to me..."Rum Tum Tum". That was the sound/chant - over and over like an audio sound loop gone horribly wrong. It was actually pretty scary for me and I felt like something was coming to get me and I would join "them". I like to read these trip reports to see if anyone else experienced audio sound loops or audio "hallucinations". I still don't know why I remember that "sound" so well...


Posted by salvzerwowzers on 11/28/2010
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Dude big ken

i had that same shit

an eerily familiar chant

mine was ding dong ding dong!
i felt like i hallucinated a scene back when i was child. Every time i smoke sally i always hear that chant, sometimes i ignore it and sometime i try and find source of the noise and yell at it to shut up. I think this noise is actually playing at all times in my unconscious but when i smoke sally it brings it to the surface. I wish this constant noise would die.


Posted by Tuco on 07/28/2012
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"...sounded like the very fabric of existence being ripped apart."

This. There's no way to describe that sound of another universe crashing into this one, but you came pretty darn close.

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