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The Taste of Purple


Posted by BigTouch on 11/07/2009
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Haha, Salvia is so insane!

It was the first time I’d ever tried Salvia, had no idea what it was so I listened to what I was told by and took the ‘biggest hit I could’ from a piled bowl of 20x. I was told it would make me want to sit down and I remember standing there trying to fit a little bit more air on top of the smoke, maxing out my lungs. I was asked how I felt and as the world started to fuzz and fade I laughed and said ‘I think I’m gonna sit down now.’ I was amused.
The world went. But it didn’t really, the room was all there was and the distinction between me and everything disappeared, everything was me. As everything was one thing it was also of one material, the best word for it is plastic but it was much more like being made of purple.
This may seem a bit uneventful so far but the feeling of significance was overwhelming, ‘something’ really was happening and really happening. All this so far was pretty instantaneous and I felt the strong pull of the Salvia taking me deeper into the trip. I (everything) then elongated, formed into a pyramid of this plastic and then the stretching and folding began, with violent force I was folded in a direction I have no concept of in this three-dimensional world. It picked up pace and was as though the same section of time was repeating over and over again, in an endless loop, stuck in that one moment.

With this all of me and all the other people I felt stuck in this with me were forced to repeat the same phrase over and over again, and over again, and over again, and over again with every violent fold.
I can’t for the life of me remember what it was we were all forced to shout but as I write this I have a strange feeling it involved ‘and over again’ in some way. Btw, all the people suck there with me was everyone, this was the universe and everyone (I) was there.
This was thoroughly terrifying, I was being utterly destroyed and still I was pulled deeper. Every repeat was felt again the next time in the loop, and I was at all points, if it happened 10 times I was in all 10 but this was an infinite, endless loop, there were so many of me.
Each loop was visually a different colour and I could taste it, colours tasted weird, a bit like ‘CL’ sound. As the peak came closer I decided to escape, I’d had enough so I started ripping myself outwards of this loop despite it being obvious there was nothing to escape too. I changed what I was shouting to try and get a message to any possible ‘outside’ hoping it existed. Perhaps this was an experiment I was part of and they could free me from this solid mess of folded plastic I had become. The phrase I (we all) was now shouting was ‘I’m not OK being a part of this’ spanning 3 loops with each repetition. It was so surreal, the helplessness significance of those words.
As I pulled the top half of my body to where I hoped was ‘out’ I started slamming against the force which kept me there. Each time slamming into the force which warped me. I had no intention of giving up, it was as though kitchen cabinets were being slammed and smashed against me but I fought on. (odd thought but that’s what I thought it was like at the time :P)
I got the top left of my body free, I was now part of the pyramid of plastic but half sticking out. I could hear someone in the room clearing up some mess I must have made. I still thought I was half plastic though so it seemed like they were going through the process of getting me out.
As I pulled out further and the Salvia wore off my right leg was all that was trapped and my right hand was pulling off the top of my knee. Eventually I was free to move again which cheered me up no end and I was left to ask my mates what I had done in this messed up state. Apparently I had fallen to the floor, tripped out like an epileptic, stood up then just toppled over sideways onto a cabinet with drinks on.
No one else tried Salvia after that apart from my mate who got it, but I think he’s only gone up to level 3 and had no idea of what Salvia can really do.
I have had it again but have been understandably much more wary, the same thing seems to try to happen again but this was before I really looked into the nature of Salvia, forums like these, where I can see plainly that I’m not abnormal in having such a strong first experience are indescribably amazing, thank you all who post here. Next time I am keen on exploring the world beyond and uncovering some of my hidden self.
The only worry I have is I know what’s there, and it’s not pleasant.


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Posted by divinorum_dude on 07/12/2009
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Starting with a large bowl of 20x as your first trip is, well, (no offense) nuts! Or brave, perhaps. :-)

Usually it's good to start with 5x and work your way up. Oh, and if you want a mellower trip but still want to leave this reality and journey, 5x is definitely it.

I know EXACTLY what you mean by the repeating section of time. This is quite normal for the salvia experience. My opinion is that this is training for life, training us to surrender to the moment and go with the flow. If you can surrender while journeying, then it can be awesome.

The experience of helplessness and losing one's identity is a humbling one. For me it just puts everything into perspective, and shown me what is important in this life, and what is petty. It also helps to teach that we are NOT the center of this universe, and in fact that we are infinitely small in comparison.

5 stars. Great post. :-)


Posted by BigTouch on 07/12/2009
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Thanks dude :P

It is really interesting how the human experience produces those two contradicting view points.

The nature of conciousness produces the centre of the universe view, you, your thoughts and what you experience is all you get too see.

But then you can see the true scale of the universe, knowing for a fact you are equivalent to nothing.

It's strange to look at something so familiar as though you don't understand it, but only then can you begin to comprehend it's meaning. In steps Salvia.


Posted by BigTouch on 08/02/2009
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ooo i just remembered too, the first thing i did when i was really stuck was to change what we were repeating, from whatever it was to something like 'is there anybody else inside this' to 'is there anyone outside this that can hear me' just goin through a logical escape plan. its so weird how your completely concious and aware on salvia, its the only drug ive tried that doesnt effect how clearly you think.

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