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The thing besides yourself


Posted by Anonymous on 08/03/2008
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Type/Strength:The Best Salvia 20x
Dosage:.1 grams
Method of Ingestion:waterpipe

I just smoked salvia and I saw the thing that is besides myself.  There's myself and there's everything else besides myself.  I saw everything that is not myself.  It is hard for me to explain.  It hit me so hard I only breathed about half of the smoke from this bowl and let the other half just pretty much sit there in the pipe until it disappeared.  I need to have a female who wants to reproduce with me the next time I see it, because when I see it I always think I need to try to start another version of myself, and not being able to start into sex at that time is very frustrating.  For some reason I feel as though I need a reply, but I can't get one.  Like I am on some kind of spiritual quest where I am alone and I need to pass the test of receiving answers from no other human being.

*update*  There is a clock running inside everyone, and when we become adults this clock is usually misadjusted because the events of our lives have deformed the gears and springs.  Good religion and spirituality are those activities and thought patterns which are helping us to remachine our workings into the form which causes our clock to keep accurate time and run without winding for long enough to do what we need to do between windings.

Every evil thing is that which warps our workings more and more out of shape.  These can be different for each person, and the most desirable majority religion at any moment in history is that which causes the greatest number of people to bring their clockworks into better balance.

For everyone who doesn't benefit from the majority religion, any alternate system which doesn't cause damage to others must be tolerated or encouraged, lest they become so out of balance they lose their humanity and we mutually become like animals of different species to eachother.  In this manner violence erupts, because interference with the workings of our clocks against our will is absolutely unallowable, and will be resisted unto death by any means necessary if the subject of oppression is sufficiently headstrong.

When evil people learn the workings of the clockworks around them, they use this knowledge to manipulate the people within their social circle, and they develop such a lust for power that anything threatening the predictable operation of these clockworks will be persecuted to the fullest possible extent.  They will attempt to cut it off at the root, leading to martyrdom, which ultimately brings about the end of the old system more completely, but at a later date.


It's Saturday and I saw the thing again.  Someone out there please respond.  Same product, dosage, and method as last night.

*update* I'm all better now.  I don't know why that happens so much.  I wasn't actually frightened this time though, it was just a need to communicate.  Very bizarre, as always.  No need for response, I know the world still exists.


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Posted by JD1stTimer on 12/09/2008
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This was one of my reports. For some reason during that period I would have a writing flow come through some time after a salvia experience. It was like an interpretation of the trip. It doesn't happen anymore, I usually just feel confused and disoriented afterwards. Also I get the feeling that every time I smoke salvia something disappears and crumbles off the face of the earth, and I sometimes lose an actual item I own, in real life. Sometimes I can find the item again, sometimes it's apparently gone forever. I lost a very nice glass roach clip that way. (It was on a table and now it's gone.) BTW has anyone else found that using salvia creates effects outside of your own brain? On some instances I have had my fish or my cats behaving very strangely, or electronic devices inexplicably fail.

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