Salvia Trip

The wheel of life


Posted by Zaharen on 03/04/2010
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Method of Ingestion:small glass pipe

Tonight i think i finally understand what i keep seeing when i trip. I prepare myself for my journey and pack a semi measured half bowl of 60x salvia extract enriched leafs into my small glass pipe. I turn off the lights in my room and say a short prayer to whoever is out there to hear me and to lady salvia herself asking to show me what life and everything is all about or show me something different then i saw before on my other few trips. I am new to salvia and i will tell about my other first trips later but to me this is the most important one because things seemed become the most clear to me. I took my hit slow and held it as long as i could. I started to feel the trip coming before I even let out my hit. I laid back on my bed and tried to close my eyes but i could not right away. I started to see everything in my room spinning slowly and rhythmically in a counter clockwise direction. then i closed my eyes because this is kinda what i saw before and it trios me out to see this. when i closed my eyes i could still see the reality or world we know spinning but it looked like a bunch of colorful fractals of circular shapes spinning in the same counterclockwise direction. but with my eyes closed it was divided by 4 rays of light energy whith the fractals all rotating and merging whith each other. I feel that this was the wheel of life that is talked about in the Buddhist religion. i got the sense that we are all the same even plants and animals and we all have consciousness. i feel it shows you some kind of reality different then our world we know,
like what is underlying just beneeth the surface of the reality we see everyday and what you see before you pass to the other realm. I don't know what else to say now but i will talk more about this later. Has anyone else on this board seen anything similar to what i saw because i would really like to hear from you. Thanks...


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