Salvia Trip

The Wood Smelf


Posted by Anonymous on 09/05/2007
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Type/Strength:5X Salvia D
Dosage:~1/3rd smoked, and ~2/3rd chewed as a quid.


The Wood Smelf

After a hard day of collecting wood off of a small wooded area that some construction workers had chopped the trees down on, Jimmy whent home with his load of wood.
Once at home he checked his e-mail, but he only stayed on line a short while. For he heard Sally D. calling his name;"James Wolf! Come visit with me".

It had gotten dark out, so it was the best time of day to be visiting with Sally.
Jimmy desided to try both smoking and quiding the SD at the same time. He took a 1/4g of the 5X SD. He put part of it in his pipe, and the other part he put under his tongue. The smoked hit came on right away.

Visions of the wood he had been cutting and stacking came infront of him. Then the wood overtook him, and he became one with the wood, for he had become a tree. Then he transformed from being a tree into becoming a wood sm-elf. This time he was not just seeing sm-elves, for he had became one himself. Jimmy a sm-elf, and he is wondering through the woods with a yellow ax in hand.

Upon his head was a hat with stripes of light blue and white, and upon his chest he wore a long sleeved shirt with light blue and white stripes as well. As he looked around, he could see branches everywhere he looks.


After Jimmy was back to being himself, the branches of trees became spirals. As he came back down to baseline, the spirals of branches faded off into the darkness.

BTW, Jimmy is a 220lb(100 Kg) male.
Dose: 0.25g 5X Salvia D.
How taken: ~1/3rd smoked, and ~2/3rd chewed as a quid.
Duration of trip: about 1 hour.

Source chapter;

The Smelf Jack: Wood Smelf, Copyright 2007, C. Bode


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