Salvia Trip

the world was peeling off


Posted by Anonymous on 14/07/2010
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Method of Ingestion:glass pipe

i sat in a room with about 10 friends and had one of them videotape me taking the hit. as soon as i exhaled i felt as if the world was mirrored on my right side the same as it was on my right. then it split into 4 different mirrored sections that all mirrored my left eye. after about ten seconds the only part of the world i could feel was a small triangle around my left eye. i felt as if there were 10 pie slices of different dimensions radiating out around my face and if i were to move in the real world one of the other worlds the rest of my body was in would do something unimaginably and indescribably horrible in this physical world to the corresponding area of my body.

i looked at my friend and i saw him move to the left and i felt another version of him peel off to the right over and over. everything i did felt as if i was repeating it 10 times in different dimensions at the same time.

the world felt as if i were looking down a peeling banana and each part of the peel was a different reality and i crawled out my living room window (which i have no idea how i did without falling) and sat on my porch until i came back down.

this was by far the most terrifying experience of my life mostly because it didn't feel as if it were a trip at all. it seemed more like i was able to see dimensions that were actually real rather than just imagining them. through most of it i felt as if i was going to be stuck half way between the 10 dimensions forever.


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