Salvia Trip

The Zipper, Flattened Reality, Anti-Gravity, and Fractals


Posted by PrimoSlate on 15/09/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Torch flame + water bong

The place I was brought to was authentic. It was as real as this keyboard I'm typing on and in that moment I had an uncomfortable understanding of how our strange little universe is wired together.

The small glowing wafer of magic exhaled its last bit of life as I watched the white, milky smoke travel up the glass tube and into my awareness.

Suddenly that all-too familiar feeling was present but came at me in a rushing torrent like never before. The walls of "normal" reality were quickly torn down.

The very room I was sitting in was now a swirling kaleidoscope of matter, space and time. The room no longer had its familiar form.. but I can recall certain shapes and objects I was temporarily focusing on in this state.

Anything I looked at, whether it was a stapler or someones face or the TV or the cars in the parking lot outside the window would transform right before my eyes-- Into the same exact shape. IT was a black shape that would rotate within this fractal. Each object / person I looked at would blend into this fractal and become part of it.

Some have described this as "The Zipper" or "Black-Void". It also feels like the room has gone flat at this point.. all depth perception is gone and gravity just doesn't feel right.

I had a distinct feeling though, that this fractal/zipper always exists. We're always embedded within this turbulent form of reality.

It looked like a HUGE conveyor belt with white fabric on it. And in between the fabric pleats, our reality lay nested.

Imagine your face hovering an inch or two away from an enormous conveyor belt which warps reality where ever you look. This belt is covered with a fluid-like cream-colored fabric. The fabric is waving and flowing in some kind of cosmic wind; the edges of the pleats form the border to what can only be described as the blackest void you can possibly imagine.

It doesn't just seem to run from bottom to top.. but it also feels like it runs through me and all around me. I am part of it just as much as everything else is in the room. (I refer to the space as the "room" but in that realm of perception the room no longer carried the same meaning. I didn't know where I was .. this part of the experience was quite terrifying)

Anything you focus on will stretch and transform until it matches the size of the pleat in that fabric that is directly on your line of vision in that moment. All the pleats looked the same... long, curvy lines, surrounding black crevices.

As you look toward the top of the conveyor you can see things on a macroscopic level. The fractal was getting wider and less turbulent. There are universes and realities that seem to expand exponentially larger and smaller than our level of perception allows at baseline... I got the distinct feeling that there are universes smaller than bacteria that support far more intelligent life than ours. AND also much larger life to which we are the size of bacteria.

I must also describe the feeling I had inside my while all of this was going on. It was an uncomfortable feeling.. like the feeling I would have if I was dangling from a rope high up in the air. I'm considering that my soul may have entered a state where it was not quite as tethered to my human body.. and in that extended self.. I felt the discomfort. I hope to eventually find comfort in that space.

UPDATE: I've had a repeated experience two more times since the initial experience. I am still not comfortable floating around the astral plane..


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