Salvia Trip

There and Back & What I learned


Posted by listen on 09/01/2011
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Method of Ingestion:smoke

You slip without realizing you've left. A white plain of existence. It's good. It's nice. You realize youre there. I realized we are all here, we are all experiencing this. Its what we say that solidifies what we believe. What we think is what doesnt exist. We exist in a plain of here and there. Let me try to make sense. We're all here for a short period of time. A hundred years, give or take. What we say and what we do is very important. This is important. Being given the chance to live life is amazingly important. It's special. Treat it as such. Remember that.

I was there a long time. I was not here. It was weird.

Coming back, the one thing I remember.. The most important thing...

I appreciate reality.

It has taken billions of years for us to be here. To be in this stable environment. It's amazing to come back to. This a beautiful thing to experince. There is so much to experience.

I wish I could tell you more.. Just remember.

When you die, forever you will have lived.


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Posted by listen on 01/09/2011
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Posted by grimjim on 01/16/2011
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Sounds like a nice experience you had. Sometimes I try to measure the exact point at which I change. 30 seconds or so after the hit I can feel it coming on, and then depending on how well you held your breath, how large a hit, etc. you either change imperceptibly, or suddenly you're gone, but reaching backwards thinking What the ...?

And its the whole trouble and entanglement of trying to sort out the dream state with why it feels so precise and real, and connected with things in the past, that make such an impact on you when you come down from it. And yet, despite the aftershock memory reminding you it was vitally important, its difficult to think in retrospect why it was so real and important at the time. But you're left with the feeling that you should really pay attention and heed the lessons you learnt from her.

You exit excited, humbled, respectful or frightened. And for those dumbfucks reading this that think "What a prat, you're up your own arse", I reckon you didn't take enough SD and you should consider carefully how unimportant you may be, yet how much potential you might have!


Posted by Diotima on 04/07/2011
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Maximus from the Gladiator was right!

"What we do in life, echoes in eternity"

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