Salvia Trip

There isn\'t a bottle of cheese on the bus?


Posted by Anonymous on 27/01/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Glass Bowl

I bought a cheap bag of 30x salvia on the boardwalk and a cheap glass bowl. I was on 6th street (by myself), trying to find somewhere to sit and smoke it. I found a palm tree with a wooden base (to sit on i guess?). I put a good little amount in the bowl, smoked it, held it in for about 20 seconds, and blew it out. I somehow stand up out of the blue. A fucking bus starts driving back and forth, with people waving red flags out the window of the bus screaming, "THERE ISN'T A BOTTLE OF CHEESE ON THE BUS!, REPETITIVELY. I cannot hardly stand up and keep balance. 7 minutes later, i start to hear normal things and i was sitting on the wooden block when it was over. What the fuck was that all about???. After-wards, i thought about it. "Was there really a bottle of cheese on the bus? nah.


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