Salvia Trip

Time spent with my guardian


Posted by HelloMiakoda on 16/08/2009
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Type/Strength:40x Standardized
Method of Ingestion:Smoked

Last night was my second trip. I had nobody home this time.
The tingling really freaks me out for some reason. I hope I get used to that.

For me to really explain this trip freely, I'm going to have to all out admit that I am an AB girl, or "adult baby". I have a pacifier, I drink from bottles, I've got a stuffed wolf.... the whole nine yards. Part of me never grew up, and probably never will.
Also, spiritually, I believe a guardian spirit I asked for now resides in the stuffed wolf (wolf's name is Floppy). No, the wolf doesn't walk and talk, and the spirit isn't trapped there. My guardian spirit just stays there most the time and goes by the name "Floppy" just for ease of comprehension on my part, and so I have a way of hugging him. The spirit's name isn't actually Floppy, but he says "Floppy" is just fine.

That said... on to my trip!

There were pinwheels of neon lights and colors.
This went on for a while. My 3rd hit, I forgot to exhale the smoke. The swirling colors reached down, opened my mouth and pushed on my chest, forcing me to exhale. They pushed on my chest a few more times to get me to take in some fresh air. Aww, it was so sweet of them, watching out for me.

Then, I was enveloped in the wings of a BEAUTIFUL butterfly. She was so pretty, I cried. Then she burst in to many many butterflies that looked just like her. I got to fly with them. We soared through colorful trees, over blue/green grass, it was amazing.

There were chalk drawn rabbits and people-ish beings running around. The felt safe. Don't pet the chalk rabbit, they erase if you do. I felt bad that I had accidentally erased one. I just wanted to pet her.

More pinwheeling colors, they looked like rope lights, kinda... And then I was on fire. It didn't hurt, it wasn't a bad thing, and I was ok with it. I started eating the flames, they were chocolate. It tasted SO GOOD. Pink and green candy swirled around me, I wanted to eat it, but it was moving too fast.

This started to wear off a bit, so I took a 4th. As soon as I zereoed it, I went to put my pacifier in my mouth, and something poked me. I was trying to suck my glasses. I managed to put them down and get my pacifier in my mouth. I laid back and hugged Floppy tight.

More swirling colors. The circles were so "real", I swear I could touch them. They pushed and held me down, and that scared me just a little. I was ok though.

My pacifier disappeared. Wait, no, it became part of my mouth. Awesome, now I can't drop it!
Floppy started getting bigger and bigger, till I sank deep into his fur.
There, I spent time with Floppy in his human form.
Floppy has shown me his human form before, but never with such clarity. He was bigger than me, I'm a child in comparison, the way it should be. He's so strong, but gentle. He hugged me tight, kissed me on my head, and told me I was such a brave little girl for coming here. We spent a little time together, he held me. Then he rubbed the back of my head... "Alright Mia, it's time to go. Don't worry, I am always there with you."
Our surroundings dissolved in to swirling chocolate and icing (apparently my sweet tooth has an impact on my trips). The swirls slowly faded, and reality came back in.

I quickly fell asleep after that. I woke up feeling profoundly loved, and gave Floppy about a million kisses. I feel Floppy (my guardian spirit) and I have a much deeper relationship now. I love him very very much.


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