Salvia Trip

Tiny 20x = Words on the Screen


Posted by grimjim on 16/02/2011
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Method of Ingestion:Pipe and lighter

30 secs, 1 min, longer, relaxing coming out now, shit, tight, whoah, awesome, doing it right now, and typing now as coming out of it. Listening to Ulrich Schnaus - "In all the wrong places", watching Winamp visualisations off to the side (dual monitor), very pretty, and all from doing just the remainder of what is in my pipe.

The trick to it always seems to be to breath in what you can and HOLD, then hold, then keep holding more, as long as you can, controlling your breath, containing it for longer, and just letting the SD settle into your breath and body, until the the point you almost forget you need to breath, but then just let the breath out naturally and slowly. Need to be relaxed and without any previous exertion to do this so you can hold the breath for a really long time.

But as it got the grip on me and the high came on I was reading someone elses report here, and it was as if their words on the screen became black on 3d bulging paper, which my mind and eyes literally welded with and they gained incredible force and meaning, and as I read them I became incredibly aware of the words and their strength, and they just became like intensely glued to me, as if *I* was the paper they were written on, but they were on the screen so how could they be? It made me feel great and laughing to myself. Amazes me how even a small remnant of strong 20x can be made to work on oneself. Mmmm. Divine. Very nice.


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