Salvia Trip

to take it (seriously), my first real experience


Posted by Anonymous on 11/04/2008
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Method of Ingestion:Bong

"WHAT?" is all I can say. When i thought I was stripped of expectations of the high, i found i still had some more expectations hiding behind them. I don't know about you, but I never took it seriously, I thought getting high off salvia was just for "good times" and "altered perception" on things. And I don't know, maybe that is the way for you. But what i experienced left me full of questions.

Question 1: How seriously do you take it?

I packed my bowl, hoped my lighter would stay lit as I inhaled, it did. I held it in. I took a second hit. This time discomfort was short, because soon I would not feel any stimuli, as the high hit me before i literally knew it. i didn't see anything really, not that i can remember too well. i remember remembering it while going through it, but i don't remember it very well now. Colours, lots of beige patterns, but mostly just thought and feelings.  I felt guilt from "the entity".

right now I am in a "normal frame of mind" (probably 20 minutes after i just smoked) and i don't know how to take the experience now. looking back at it, Should I believe it was real? or just the stuff that happens when your high on this stuff? I wonder if I should laugh at how serious i thought It was, or to believe it.

Question 2: What are your intentions?

The things I did and why I intended to do them seemed to be displayed on this string of events. For example the reason I got high was so that i could write it on this site (something I'm wondering if I should even do because i felt so guilty about that being my reason in the string of events). But i didn't realize the real reason  until after i got high. i didn't know where I was, But i was in my room. i was confused, but i didn't know I was confused. I was in another reality, but I couldn't differentiate the difference.

During my comedown (after I realized that I was in my room) I decided to write what i was feeling.

Wow, I don't know what to think
I can care, or I can leave
Maybe this is a place I visit
And a sacred one as well
Maybe I should take it seriously as a place I can go

Question 3: What were your first expectations?

As mine were just that i would see funny things and believe wierd stuff. I guess before I expected it to be as a lot of experiences I read, seeing wierd things, forgetting stuff, all wierd and interesting. But holding onto that mindset really made me struggle and feel guilty during the high, as if I smoked to have a good time, instead of consider the place I was about to enter to be sacred and real.

lol, its a questionnaire!  ;D naw, just some questions I'm curious to know about from others who have had experiences. I'm really confused right now.


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