Salvia Trip

Took by suprise


Posted by tripper on 07/11/2009
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Method of Ingestion:pipe

It was my first time smoking my new found friend last night, and I was with my roomate. I had did my research for about two weeks and was ready to take my first trip. My roomate went first, and nothing was happining to her but laughs and giggles. She said it felt like she just smoked some real good green, even after a couple of hits.

After nothing was happining to her I started to get dissapointed that this was just bogus. Then it was my turn. The first two hits I saw the clock on the dash bord of the car slowly melt and it was over in about a minute. The secound time I hit it was the real trip, which took me by complete suprise. I took the hit and my vision turned into like a tie die circle, and suddenly I was somewhere else.

I was laying under a huge yellow and black braided carpet with my head sticking out, with about three hugger then huge beings looking down at me trying to pull the capet up. Their where two beings that were behind me, almost telling me, without telling me, its ok. I wasn't scared but trying to figure out what was going on, because one minute I'm sitting next to my roommate and the next I'm under a carpet.

The beings were on their knees trying to pull up the carpet, while the two beings next to me fly off in the distance telling me to go with them. I thought they were going to rool me up in the carpet and put me away with the other carpet I saw in the corner in the distance.

As they were pulling I started to think about my roommate, who was my sitter, and how I was going to explain this to her, and the image slowly started to fade and disappear. And then I came back.

I was a little shaken while it was happening, but as I started to think about it, I realized that it was an amazing experince. When I was coming too I told myself, no more salvia for me. But I will be definitly be trying my soon to be good friend salvia.


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