Salvia Trip

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Posted by Anonymous on 05/09/2009
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Method of Ingestion:pipe

Ow! My first time and I do believe that I went to another world / dimension / whatever. Like a previous submission, I too had been reading the superhero handbook ( and then hunted some quick route to enlightenment. I took two pipe loads of salvia and exploded. My body kind of melted and exploded at the same time. That wasn't important - the body wasn't me. Then I fell between the gaps in my thoughts - that is what happened! I fell between the gaps in my thoughts. I kept recalling lines from the superhero handbook and kept falling between them - but it was fine, because that is what the handbook states anyway - but with salvia you DO it. Salvia showed me nothingness - salvia showed me that I think I am, but beyond thoughts I am nothing. May be a while before I take anymore - hardcore experience.


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