Salvia Trip

Totaly Unprepared


Posted by Flanger on 05/08/2009
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Type/Strength:20 x
Method of Ingestion:Bong

Well, here I go trying to put what happened to me today into words.

I ordered 1g of 20 X from a reputable internet supplier. Mr postman came knocking and I grinned in anticipation. But....I was completly unprepared, no research and absolutly NO idea what I was letting myself in for, I always was one for reading the instructions later.

I got my bong ready and made myself comfortable and put a small pinch into the bowl, no ideas of how much I should smoke. I light the bowl and inhale, hold it in and sit back. A mild buzz, so, I try a little more, this time a feeling of being slightly detatched from myself. Then, what the hell, how strong can this s**t be, it's legal, I can't possably loose it on this! So, I fill the bowl and pack it down. I take an enourmous hit, hold it in, there's more left I light it again and take another huge hit and put the bong down (good job too!)

Within a microsecond one wall of my living room had slid into me like melting wax, colours running into each other, running into me, absorbing me, making me part of it, taking me over. I was more afraid than I have ever been in my life, feeling that I had lost my 'normal' life and had become a very small part of the universe that nobody will know or remember. Just as I was completly absorbed I was exploded through every moment in time and every particle of the universe and then back again, absorbed in the horror waxy living room. Then slowly, I was being released, I could move my arm but there were strings of running wax trailed behind the movement. Slowly I was released and was back in my living room. I was truly terrified!

The moral of this tale is, ALWAYS read the instructions! If you've never tried it before , research, never be as foolish as I have been thinking I was experienced enough to be able to handle the unknown.

I may return to smoke what is left, but I think I'll give it a wide bearth for a while. I'll need to regain my confidence to dabble again!


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