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Touched death


Posted by Anonymous on 25/03/2009
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Method of Ingestion:smoked in a bowl

Before i explain this experience i will quickly review the last few experiences ive had with Salvia. The first couple of times I've smoked Salvia it was 15x and it resulted in altered vision and hysterical laughter. It was an extremely pleasant experiences and had total sense of reality. The best i can describe it is that i was viewing reality on a 2-d plane and that i had a different understanding of time. Because of such a great experience i felt it was necessary to up the strength level to see what the true capabilities of the drug are. I purchased some 60x online (was a bit reluctant at first because the first time i purchased salvia online it was bogus). I inhaled the 60x salvia and held in for about 20 seconds. Shortly after that my girlfriend and brother said I was saying "help me, help me" in a very soft monotone voice which didnt incite any worry. I dont really remember physically what i did...but i have vague glimpses of myself charging out the door of the basement room and stomping up the stairs and back down into the room. What i remember next was i sitting in a chair in the basement room and everyone in the room was upset with me and i felt like they hated me. Because of this i felt like i wanted to die and i felt myself slipping into a black void which i can only describe as death or mortal separation. Following that I came to an understanding that I didnt know who my brother or his girlfriend were and that I was dreaming..and was waiting to wake up. This caused great terror to me because If that was the dream..then what reality was i going to wake up to. After i started coming down off the drug i was still delirious...i wasnt sure if i was experiencing reality and was still in a state of shock and terror. I had asked my brother what happened to the rest of the salvia and told him to destroy it ..burn it. But in retrospect..i cant say i regret the brought me out of the matrix and took me to a plane of existence i cant quite remember or even if i did probably couldnt explain. I think next time i'll do a smaller dose...60x is way to much for a casual user.


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Posted by alfonsdewolf on 03/28/2009
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hmm...yes, 60X is just crazy, if it is reliable. My first experience was on 15x from a reliable source (Mazatec gardens *wink*) and I never want to have a full, 'immersion' experience again. But that's me. A bit loose in the head? XD. Next time, if I order some more, I will get 7X or even 5X. And yes, time does not quite seem the same afterwards! yuk yuk
For me, taking small amounts occasionally allow me to quickly flip back and forth from this 2 dimensional reality to 'reality'. A large ingestion and the Matrix just overwhelms you.

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