Salvia Trip

Train ride


Posted by Dale92 on 31/07/2008
Avg Rating: Unrated

Dosage:1 hit
Method of Ingestion:pipe

This was probably my worst experience with salvia. While i was having it i was extremely scared and just wanted to be home in order to feel safe.

I first saw indian head carvings in an ark like shape. the next thing i knew i was sitting on train in a world that appeared to be out of a kids tv show.
My reality then again shifted and i was sitting around a campfire accompanied by several other people all wearing pajamas. It was at this point that
i realized they were all in bed and i was here alone and needed to be in bed. After this realization the bad experience came. I began to flip out thinking
i needed to be home and in bed so i ran all the way home leaving the people i was with and ran into bed. After i came back i remembered very little aside from the extreme paranoia and fear.


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