Salvia Trip

triangles with eyes representing emotions


Posted by Anonymous on 05/02/2009
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Type/Strength:plain leaf
Method of Ingestion:pipe

i had known of salvia for a long time by now, and had tried it a few times, although i had experience with hallucinogens before, such as 2cb and shrooms, i had only had one strong experience at my friends house with salviam, although it wasnt visual. i decided to try it before lying in bed with my lights of, just chilling out and seeing what happened, i took two long draws from my pipe, and switched of my light, and lay in bed, i held the smoke in my lungs for as long as i could, it must have been about a minute. i closed my eyes and felt salvias effects take hold, i enjoyed some close eyed visuals, i saw many interesting shapes and spirals fall down like rain in front of me, i felt connected to all of these various shapes and as they fell i felt a definate pulling force on my body, one shape that recurred, a sort of stretched semi-oval seemed especially connected with me, and seemed to represent itself as a significant part of my life, the feeling of this shape was a strange deja vu. the visuals became more intense as i began to see triangles with eyes! it was strange, because as these triangles connected together differently, they seemed to submit and represent different emotions, when two of them were touching i would feel depressed and angry, but as they drifted apart and faced in opposite ways i felt total peace and happiness, this went on for some time, and recurred throughout the trip. as my experience became more intense, i began to lose sense of my body, seeing and feeling myself as having my mouth on my forehead and so on, it was only at this point that i began to feel a little scared as this felt very real and very unusual, though i calmed down and went with it, before slipping back to my baseline.

i hope you all enjoyed reading, please comment on my experience!


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 02/06/2009
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Thanks for the report..

It always amazes me how Salvia can have such unique effects being smoked at so many different potencies. Plain leaf to extracts and so on.. each individual adds so much when they share.. it keeps reminding me of how unique each one of us are but yet we are all the same.. very nice..

I also have my most significant experiences in the dark on my bed or in bed and see many varied and interesting scenes and shapes and also enjoying the total embracing of the salvia feeling enveloping me..

thanks again

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