Salvia Trip

trip in the woods


Posted by Anonymous on 03/11/2007
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Dosage:idk roughly 2 packed bowls
Method of Ingestion:smoked

Ok so about 2 months ago me a friend and his little brother decided to go camping for the last time before the winter season rolled up. so it was about 2:30. its about 94 degrees outside. i had just done a bowl of 10x and i started to trip, but as soon as i got into it one of the biggest beetles in the world bit my neck. sucked. brought me right back to reality.  >:( what a waste. so i got up and went out to stare at the fire and wait for this experience to wear off. so after im done we go into the tent i took two huge bowls in 4 hits and held them each about 45 seconds. needless to say if i wanted to do more i couldnt have ;D. now randy is an the right side of me and kevin (his little brother) is on the left. and as i looked down on my last hit the bowl turned into a peace pipe. it is just your standard metal pipe. i thought that was hilarious and laughed a little while, when i get done i look up at randy who is laughing at me, but to my surprise his head is a teapot! sorta like the old beauty and the beast type teapot if anyone gets what im saying. then 3 bolts of light shoot up from the ground, one is a blue colred light, the next is orange and the next is red the blue and orange light beams where vertical but the red is slightly slanted. (i am still looking at randy) (he also let me know afterwards that i was screaming "YOUR NOT THE MAMA" the whole time i was looking at him) now each of the light beams had teapots floating in them. this was weirding me out a little. then everything goes black. and i mean black.(randy let me know that i never closed my eyes, but i swear i saw nothing in the tent during all what is happening now) as i start to see, i am in a circular room, it is very colorful and has triangular patterned paint. i see three doors in front of me, but i do not look back. fro some reason at that point i knew that i different reality lie behind each door, and the decision was mine for the choosing. well the door i wanted to go in was fine, but to get through i thought i had to drool. so i start drooling not really thinking about why or whatnot. and open the door. well i then found myself back in the tent and randy is trying to take the pipe out of my hand(yes i have been sitting up with the pipe the whole time :) )i then feel the drool hitting my stomach and leg and it is stuck all in my beard. im a little grossed out because strings of it are hanging from my beard. so randy takes the pipe and i lay down, then flowers start to pop out of the tents walls and floor. they soon cover the entire surface area. by this time things are winding down, and the tree frogs seem to be talking to me. i mellowed out slowly and came too. i thought this was pretty cool. randy went next for the first time. that was pretty funny to see. he has never done much of anything but smoke mj and drink beer. but im slowly turning him into a psychonaut. thats pretty much it.


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