Salvia Trip

Trip No.2


Posted by Whamme on 27/05/2011
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Method of Ingestion:Water Bong

Hi. This is documented experience of my second Salvia trip (My first trip is titled "Non Existence"). After waiting for all my friends to experience their trips and sit for them I once again hit the ol' bong, like before I had a huge hit and just let it absorb into my lungs. I lay down on the floor and entered the trip. The floor was not very comfortable but it became like a mattress whilst I exited my body. It began with the sensation of being my self with about 10 of me. We all kept overlapping each other. Suddenly I hear a voice, a woman begins narrating my current state, I have no recollection of what she sounded like but I'm certain she was a woman. I remember her saying "Welcome back Nick". Her name was "Trip" and she was like a divine force (Goddess) a sort of puppet master of my mind. I felt hate towards her. She felt I was disrespectful to her and turned me into custard! She poured me out of a jug or bowl and I became a waterfall of custard!!! It loved it, it was a blast! Even if it was meant to be a punishment cast by "Trip". I started to cool down and re-enter my body. I became re-aware of where I was but felt really heavy from my transformation from custard back to a human. During that period I felt sad because even though "Trip" tried to torment me I felt nothing but love towards her and was sad to part from her. I was back and astonished just like before. Can't wait to do it again!


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