Salvia Trip

Tripping by e-mail


Posted by HelloMiakoda on 04/10/2009
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Method of Ingestion:smoked in Daphne (my new pink and purple aluminum pipe. Her design seems to cool the smoke a bit)

I was smoking with my friend Jess.

First hit...
An INTEANSE BLAST of swirling colors.
I tried to turn the fan on, and knocked it over. When I finally got it upright and running (which was icredibly hard to do), a superhero hand came out of it and made the "cool almost fist" you see in comics.
Then the fan was spraying red and purple bird feathers all over the place.

Then it let up, and I was in that quasi mix of real and trip. I went on about bird feathers, and how dumb it was to say bird feathers. "Bird are the only ones with bird feathers. Its not like we're going to have cat feathers" and I made a joke about shreadded tweet.

Jess handed me my box of Bunny Grahms (like teddy grahms, but bunnies)
"Are you sure it's vegan to eat the bunnies?!"
"Yes Mia"
*tears* "But they are SCREAMING at me! *munch* Are you SURE it's ok to eat the bunnies?!"
"Yes Mia, its ok. Its just the Salvia making them scream."
"Ok... I'm sorry bunnies."

I took a second hit and laid back.
Suddenly, I was an e-mail attachment!!
I flew though the internet, looking at different servers on the way. I swear I know what a router looks like inside the chips now.
When I got to my recipient, I was opened and thus released. I then watched the world get destroyed by war as a sketch cartoon (not like on a screen, but 3D).
Then I swam in feathers for a while.


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