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Posted by Maximus on 22/05/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Water bong

My first time using salvia and i packed up my bong and lit it up with my torch lighter. As i was doing this I really wanted to have a good 'trip' and just maybe have a great experience. So i only took one hit and then put my bong back down and laid back on my sofa, then i felt really tired and just closed my eyes. Then i had this really wierd imagery going on at first i saw a cartoony character in the shape of a boat but with eyes and a mouth... I started laughing insanely at that. But then the imagery started getting better and turning into 3D. The cartoony thing just melted away and I found myself walking onto a big boat with hot women dressed in those Hawaiian skirts, and it seemed i was going on an actual trip/holiday, in my trip! My view of the boat then began to fly outwards of my body (like some kind of out of body experience) and i felt like a bird flying above the boat just watching it sailing away somewhere. Then i just remembered that i took salvia and that this wasn't real... :( So i opened my eyes and waved my hands infront of my face (expecting some kind of LSD-like crazy colour visuals and motion blur) but instead my arm felt like it was completely detached from my body. It was like someone else was just waving their hands about infront of me for some reason. So i managed to stand up and i almost felt drunk because i couldn't feel my legs moving. Next, for some reason i decided to sit down at my computer (this is still in real life, with my eyes open) and i opened up Mozilla Firefox only to find that i could barely type on the keyboard due to my detached fingers. I found this quite funny, aswell as the Pac Man icon on the Google homepage (it was the 30th anniversary of Pac Man or something). So i went back to my sofa and laid down, only to get distracted again because i thought i heard my late father's voice... I thought i heard him say "You in there?" (as in, 'are you in the lounge?' or something) so i said "yeah i'm on the sofa". Then i realised what just happened and got distressed as i searched my bedroom to find where the voice came from. Obviously, he wasn't there and it was just the salvia, but it really puzzled me later on when i was sober that i had reacted so calmly when i heard him speak. So anyway, the effects gradually wore off, the imagery/sounds going first, then my limbs felt like they were securely in place and attached again.


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Posted by donnaOjard on 05/27/2010
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hey max, (my previous email was whacked out...) Your experience w sd20x has been similar to mine. I have gone out to my back porch (trippin on sd20x) and listened while my future self was upstairs hosting a party. I also got sweapt by the shaman wind into a place real weird. you have to hold on hard to the doorkoorknob or you get sucked up,. Te quiero.

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