Salvia Trip

Tripping with my dog.


Posted by divinorum_dude on 03/07/2009
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Method of Ingestion:smoking

I'm a veteran salvia user, and won't go through the entire experience since a lot of people have described similar experiences on this site. But I will tell you about a significant part of it.

I took a good hit, held it for 30 seconds, and lied on my back (I always lie down for my trips - I find it more intense, and it feels, and is, safer).

I experienced a powerful trip. I traveled into another dimension and went into a huge green energy vortex.

The awesome visuals continued for a while. As I was starting to come back to earth, my little dog walked over and cuddled up next to me on the floor. I still couldn't move and was tripping strongly. The significant part of this is my perception was so altered that when she cuddled up to me I experienced her love for me like nothing I've ever experienced before.

Animals have such unconditional love and are wonderful blessings to us humans. It was like I was bathed in pure love times a million. It was heart opening, non-judgmental love that was indescribable. Once I could move I started petting and stroking her. She didn't feel like a body - I experienced her as pure energy, like liquid love. This experience of pure love was so powerful I cannot even come close to describing it. It was so powerful and transformative that when I came out of my trip I almost started choking up.

What an awesome and life-changing trip!


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Posted by divinorum_dude on 07/11/2009
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Now that was an excellent post! :-D


Posted by HelloMiakoda on 08/16/2009
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Crazily enough, I have that same love with a spirit whom watches over me.


Posted by grimjim on 09/01/2010
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I should try that, with my dog. I believe Sadi heightens our senses so much I wonder if you would call it or class it as ESP, literally becoming aware of everything around you with something more than your physical senses. I dont mean imagined as in your mind playing tricks on you - I mean it really puts you in touch with things on a different level, a sixth sense.

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