Salvia Trip

Tunnel of death


Posted by Anonymous on 22/07/2010
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Method of Ingestion:bong

some of my friends told me to try "salvia" and the others told me not to because it was too strong. I thought i would be able to handle the substance so i decided to try it anyway without really listening. the nut was full and i just did it, it tasted weird but not strong, literally a second or two later i was gone, in my own world, i wasnt in control and i was horrified, i was shouting and shouting but i couldnt hear anyone talk to me back. it was the most surreal thing that had ever happend to me and i just kept thinking to my self is it going to end?
of what i can remember of it, it felt like i was going forwards and my friend was touching me and laughing at me, and then it repeated and repeated for what seamed to be about a minute but im not sure at all. my whole sense of direction and orientation was completly screwed. and it was all on a slant.

When i was coming round, back to reality, a few of my friends were just staring at me and i thought something bad had happened, i shouted at them and finally i got a response, i was sweating buckets but was just releaved. I just lead down and rested my eyes for a minute. when i was back normal completely i was told tht i was dribbling and making a loud noise but wasnt screaming, also my friend who was being repeated in the trip, told me that i head butted him but this was not to my recollection at all. I swear i am never ever doing this crazy drug again, it is dangerous and deffinatly should be banned, No other drug can compare to this, i have tryed most of them and have always been in complete control of my body except for this one !


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 07/22/2010
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Death? Am I ever going to come back? This is the beauty of salvia. You get to experience going to the threshold of our human condition which is the fear of dying.

But you didn't die. And you can smoke it again and you will possibly have the eye opening event of your existence in this vast realm we live in that is very real.

Fear is not a valid reason to create panic in society and BAN such a unique substance. It is just this kind of report that empowers the lemmings of society to support their unfounded and uneducated minds to RULE us with fear.

But you know what? It is to late because the powers that be (evil) will drive salvia underground just like all their other actions concerning mind altering substances to control humanity for their own power and greed.

Accept the fact you are going to die someday and then smoke again and lay down in the dark and let go. You are going to come back with the treasure of being free from the fear of death.

Be Blessed.

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