Salvia Trip



Posted by Anonymous on 31/01/2009
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Method of Ingestion:inhale

I lay on my bed, put some calming atmospheric music on (cafe del Mar volume 1), and lit up.

I inhaled and held the smoke for about 10 seconds. after blowing out, i felt this force riding up my right hande side and pushing me closer towards my wall. Between my bed and my wall, a gap started to open and revealed the most beautiful sky. It felt like i was entering another world from the ground upwards. Allthough heading downward from my bed, i was appearing out of the earth of this new dimension.

In front of me was a white door, being held open by what appeared to be adam. through the gap i could see another white being held open by eve. I walked towards the first door and travelled through, eve was calling me through to the other one telling me its will be ok. Before i could move any further i rolled backwards and slowly excited the world. I slowly regained reality, the trip was over. I wish I had taken a bigger hit to make it through to the otherside, seeing the creation of life.

truly mindblowing


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