Salvia Trip

Two worlds, one mind


Posted by Anonymous on 19/07/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Smoke (bong)

To start with, I decided to listen to the Tea Party "Shadows on the Mountainside" during my trip. I had told my girlfriend to come in and out to make sure I was doing fine. I had taken a hit, but the smoke was too much and I lost it. I lied back in bed and melted (similar to Ewen in Trainspotting when he melted in the floor). A few moments later it was over. I went to the living room sobered up for a bit and went for another.

This time, it was a full hit. I held it in as long as I could. I released it in stages, breathing out for a sec, then breathing in again, until I was empty. Like most it hits very strong and fast. I went back to bed to lie down and off I went. I only remember crouched on the ground by the window slowly curling into a ball. The music was the same song but a Sun(Roger Rabbit Sun from cartoon land?) was singing and the song was getting slower. As it was slowing, I curled more and deeper, and reality was tightening like a fist, or rolled newspaper(like falling into a whirlpool but my body was both curling and inverting). I was being squished into another world. My world was warping around me and I was being pulled into that world. I could see both from my eyes and behind me at the same time. I felt like a child in a different time. The music began to feel like a nursery rhyme. I allowed myself to let this world go, and accepted the other one on the other side of the vortex. At the last moment before the song slowed to a stop/crawl I couldn't give up my 'life,' I wasn't sure if I could come back?

I didn't want to chance it and I called for my girlfriend to help me. As she came(nick of time), it looked like she was coming from a warped peice of time closer to me (like the hall in Ned's house that got smaller "simpsons," but in reverse). She came to me and it felt like she had to struggle to get me back and away from the vortex. She finally got me out and took me away from the room. I walked to another room but could hear the sun singing the song, luring me back and I could feel the pull. I needed her to turn the music off. I was scared of it the sun-man had to stop! I walked to the kitchen to sober up, but the song was in my head still calling, I could see him in my mind. Finally I went back to the room, I couldn't enter at first but did. It was over. My mind was racing and I grabbed my book and pen and wrote. I wrote everything I felt, saw and did.

To me, my reality was my viewing area (simialr to a conical shape) and it was warping by inverting as I curled (spiral). The other side was inverting on my world and I could see this world calling me, as my world was "zipping" shut the more I curled up.

I highly recommend having a pen and paper handy. As soon as the main part is over and you are coherent, write down EVERYTHING! I wrote 2.5 pages of experience and had drawings of my thoughts on another two. Will I do it again? Honestly I don't know? The sun calls to me though.


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