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Posted by Anonymous on 06/09/2010
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Type/Strength:10x Standardised Extract
Method of Ingestion:Small pipe + Hurricane lighter

Another dog walk in the fields. Early evening, nice and sunny.

I take a first hit of 10x extract in the pipe, slightly larger pinch than I have been doing, and continue walking.

The mood comes on nicely, and I can tell its fairly strong and different to a smaller amount or taking 5x extract.

Start to feel like I'm walking on stilts, and I look ahead to where my dog is running about. I feel great, and listening to music I feel in a really good mood.

I carry on walking round the field marveling at how Sadi makes the trees, the grass, the clouds in the sky look so crisp and pristine.

I walk through the next field and round the corner into a small meadow which is more secluded, separated from the main fields and paths by a small wood, where deer often roam.

I go under the branches of a couple of large oak trees, and decide to have another toke, with just a bit more than the 1st hit.

Leaning against the trunk of one of the oak trees I light up and breath long and deep, and hold. I only just had enough time to pocket my gear, pipe, and lighter, and suddenly I am gone.

(This 2nd toke has built on top of the effects of the previous, and the two added together are about to give me a nasty surprise.)

Thinking back on it I can't remember much now, but it was extremely intense. As if a huge sucking time-warp hole made of green grass and daylight was drawing me in and down like a whirlpool. I could hear music and a fast pounding beat.

I can remember how incredibly real it felt, as if I was being pulled out of my body, and into another dimension that was more real and vivid than my normal world.

I wouldn't say I was scared, but certainly I was bordering on it. And all the time I could hear a rhythm of deep drums.

Apparently (but not actually) I was now down on my knees looking across the meadow, gasping and trying to keep control. Something in the back of my mind saying, keep calm, stay calm.

But then something happened which totally threw me.

Something went into my eye.

I don't know whether this was that I had knelt down and a tall grass stalk had poked me in my eye, or whether the wind had blown something into it, but suddenly everything went wild.

That single point of irritation became tormented and the sole focus of my trip.

I felt as if the whirlpool time warp hole was now sucking at this tiny pin-prick in my eye.

I honestly felt as if I was being turned inside out and pulled into the other dimension through this little point, which was starting to take on bigger proportions, drawing all my focus to it.

I couldn't take my attention away from it and I was starting to panic as I felt like my whole breath was being squeezed from me, and I had to stop myself from being pulled into the other world through my eye.

Everything around me became a green, grassy blur, and it was as if I was thrashing around struggling to hold my self out of it.

I began rubbing and wiping my eye, and slowly felt myself coming out of it, breathing hard and fighting to keep control.

As I came up and out of that strange place, I realised I was still actually standing next to the tree, swearing at myself, in awe and staggered by the power of the trip, unsure of whether I had actually dropped to my knees or not.

I noticed that my earphones had come out and were now dangling down my front, and I could hear the tinny sound of the music below me.

My eye was streaming, and I nursed it carefully. God it hurt. I gradually regained my composure, took a few deep breaths, and set off very unsteadily on my walk again, thinking Jesus H Christ, where the hell was that taking me!

I took comfort in Ben dog walking beside me, but I decided to walk much further to give me time to recover before going home. That was one jaw-dropping internal struggle I had.

What a difference a second hit makes.

Beware people!


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Posted by grimjim on 09/06/2010
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Damn - took too long writing this one up and it timed out to Anonymous. I wrote it.


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 09/08/2010
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As long as you are taking responsibility for the post you should have rated it a 5!

An interesting result I have found is you can smoke in any environment and go through all the odd and strange mind benders that happen when you go into each experience with your mind at ease because you have a certainty that the "trip" is just part of a MUCH larger reality.

I will tell you what scared me more than any other trip I experienced.

My friend (which is not my usual method / ie. a sitter) was laying on my bed watching a movie as i took a 1/4 gram hit of 20X from an ice bong. As I submitted to the "come-up" the TV stopped and my friend was motionless. It went on for what seemed like an hour.

She looked like a stone statue frozen in time and the movie looked like it just got stuck on one frame from the film. I kept thinking when is everything going to crank back up?

It actually was only about 15 minutes but it shook me.

The perceptions from "salvia extracts" are certainly for the adventurous. I love it.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Be Blessed


Posted by grimjim on 09/08/2010
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Thanks for the comment Dragon. You might have read some of my previous trip reports where time seemed to me to expand/contract. I have read most of your trips, and think I am only just starting to get to the depths like you. I have a phial of 35x as yet untouched, which I am waiting for a suitable private time to try! You will no doubt hear from me when that happens. Any tips?


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 09/09/2010
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Keep your dog along if you keep heading outdoors. Be careful what you wish for. I do prefer solo "trips" and always wait until the salvia calls me to journey.

A saying I have lived by for many years is "IT IS ALL IN YOUR MIND".

Be Blessed

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